cupcake competition ideas?

For National Cupcake Week I am looking to hold a competition to win a box of 12 of my Cupcakes.. I need ideas on a cupcake based competitions... (that doesnt involv the entrees actually cooking, but will promote my business at the same time) I have a facebook page so was thinking of incorporating this .... any ideas?

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  • Kia
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    7 years ago
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    Call for entries, and then stop at say 5 entrants. Write themes on 7 pieces of paper (halloween, Christmas, valentine's day, father's day, technology, etc) and make them pick one piece of paper from a hat.

    Then they can choose only five decorating items from what you provide (various colours of frosting, chocolate, little decoration stuff, etc) and decorate three cupcakes each. Done.


    Post a picture every hour for 5 hours of a themed cupcake on your facebook page and they must guess the theme and share the status (this way you get more followers). First correct guess wins 6 cupcakes. You'll be giving a lot of cupcakes away though :/ 30

  • 7 years ago

    Let your FB fans pick what the next new flavor of cupcakes will be. Winner gets cupcakes in that flavor

  • days
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    3 years ago

    I bake cupcakes each and every of the time I attempt and continually lead them to great smart . the final place is to look online is my facebook album :P message me I 'll upload you . -Martha Stewart -hi Cupcake (so smart and ordinary ) the final RECIPE IS Hershey's completely Chocolate cake recipe i can't say sufficient stable issues approximately this recipe is makes the suitable cupcake !

  • 7 years ago

    This website has lots of ideas for cool cupcakes

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