How do I make an image 72 dpi?

I'm doing a power point assignment and my teacher wants the resolution of our images in the power point to be 72 dpi. I know how to see what dpi they are etc. but I can't find any pictures that are 72dpi? I can only find 96dpi and 300dpi?? How do I convert it to 72dpi? I'm not going to purchase Photoshop or anything like that for this one assignment. Can I do it in paint? I don't even have to convert a specific image really so if there is any way to specifically search for images on google that are 72dpi that would work to? Can I fix the google search results to where if I type look for an image only 72dpj resolutions appear in my results???

Her instructions: "You must include at least 5 graphics (scanned or copied photos, graphs, pictures online, etc.) Remember to resize photos before inserting them instead of after.The resolution should be 72 dpi. "

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    No you can't do it in Paint properly.

    Get a proper image editor like GIMP instead, it's free here

    Open an image in GIMP (assuming it's a large image). Click View > Zoom > 1:1 (100%).

    Now you are viewing the image at 100%, which is your screens native resolution, which is what your teacher really wants, although she doesn't know it yet.

    Click Image > Scale Image > set the dimensions you want to rescale your image to (in pixels) - set the resolution to 72ppi (even though it won't make any difference in reality). Hit Scale. Obviously you need to rescale it so it fits the size you want.

    The size you see the image in GIMPs image window is the size the image will appear in Powerpoint.

    To save it, hit File > Export > give your file a new name (so you don't overwrite the original image file) and end with the extension of your choice, such as .jpg - hit Export, then Export again.

    Job done.

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    Goto the tool bar item IMAGE

    Then choose strech/skew and change the horizontal and the vertical percentage to something like 90%. Be sure to save it as a different name as you will need to try this a couple of times until you get the right size.

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  • 7 years ago

    What software are you using? What size does She require? Does She know the difference between ppi and dpi?


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