Alesis DM6 electronic drum question?

How loud can the pads get? I'm looking to get into drums and I'll have to get an electronic set due to noise problems. Anyways I'd like to ask other owners how loud do the pads get including the bass pad. Because I'll be mainly playing metal/hard rock style music. So how hard could I bang on the pads without having the family telling me to shut up?

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  • OU812
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    9 years ago
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    Have you ever played Rock Band/GH drums? It will be very similar to that. If the sound of rubber pads is too loud for your family then they have issues.

  • 5 years ago

    The bundled drum controller can be much like the one featured in the usual Rock Band. It facets 4 rubber drum pads and a kick pedal. The pads have colored rings around the edges that correspond to the notes on-screen. The kick pedal simulates the bass drum, with on-monitor notes represented as orange horizontal traces. To make use of the drum controller, players have got to strike the pads with the integrated professional drum sticks and/or press the kick pedal in time with the scrolling notes on-screen. Drummers can improvise in particular "freestyle drum fill" sections of songs, indicated via the columns for each notice turning a superb colour. Overdrive for drummers can be deployed via hitting the crash cymbal (green note for right-surpassed configuration) that appears straight after a freestyle drum fill. New upgrades include pace-sensitive drum pads (the force of the drum hits will dictate the in-sport volume) with extra rebound and not more noise, a steel-strengthened kick pedal, expansion plugs for separately-bought cymbals,and wireless capabilities. And i'm not constructive but I believe I recall reading that you would still be equipped to make use of the primary drum set nonetheless, however truthfully for the reason that the brand new set comes with the sport and it's def going to be extra sensible i'd go forward and get it. Also I read that there's a set that you may get the can without a doubt be used as a real electronic drum set!!

  • 9 years ago

    As long as you are using headphones, you will not bother anyone in another room.

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