What is wrong?! Enlarged liver and spleen.?

A month ago I went to the ER because I have horrible lower abdominal pain, they did a CT Scan and found that unrelated to my pain I have an enlarged liver and spleen. I have been seeing a doctor who has ran blood test after blood test and she can't figure out what is wrong. She referred me to someone else to see if he can diagnose me. What's showed in my blood work is my thyroid hormone is slightly elevated, low estrogen, and high iron.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Some allergy, chronic infection, parasitic infestations are some of the common causes. Sometimes it is idiopathic, that is, the cause is unknown. In your blood work, high iron is significant. It may be causing hemosiderosis or secondary hemochromatosis. See here-


    Also, all these things need to be corroborated with your symptoms and signs on physical examination. Hope it helps. All the best!

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  • 8 years ago

    There are many different causes of liver cell damage...

    read this and see if any may pertain to you:

    1. Alcohol consumption: overconsuming alcohol in

    a short time period, consuming alcohol over long

    time periods, or taking alcohol with medications.

    2. Chemical exposure: chemical like carbon

    tetrachloride, etc.

    3. Medication toxification: some drugs are harder

    on the liver than others are and some can become

    toxic....it depends on a person's sensitivity to them.

    4. Mushroom poisoning

    5. Hereditary conditions: such as Hemochromatosis...

    where the body holds onto too much iron; Wilson

    disease...where the body holds onto too much copper.

    These tend to build up inside of organs

    6. Metabolic disorders: such as the liver lacking

    an enzymes, thyroid problems, liver not handling

    glucose well, etc

    7. Viral infections...like Hepatitis A,B,C

    8. Parasite infections: liver fluke

    9. Cardiac/vascular problems

    10. Auto immune disease: like biliary cirrhosis or

    sclerosing cholangitis

    11. fatty liver disease: which could be weight related;

    cholesterol/triglycerides high, diabetes, alcohol, or

    even pregnancy

    12. cysts/tumors/cancer/growths

    13. biliary obstruction/malformation/infections

    and there are others.

    Some people may have an enlarged spleen and

    liver because of Mononucleosis...which in time can

    be cured.

    You should be seeing a specialist...either a

    gastroenterologist or hepatologist.

    The liver doesn't normally cause pain, unless it

    has enlarged in size due to inflammation developing

    in it...then it can become like a dull ache to a feeling

    of fullness in the area. That is located in the upper

    right hand quadrant of the abdomen, up under the

    front rib cage. Pain there can also be associated

    with gallbladder/biliary problems. Pain in the lower

    right part of the abdominal area can be


    In liver disease, where the cells become damaged,

    the immune system of the body responds to this

    and causes inflammation to develop inside the liver...

    this will cause the liver to enlarge in size. Because

    the blood that normally flow through the liver is

    hampered...it can also cause the spleen to

    enlarge, because the blood backs up into it.

    The portal vein is the main vein where all the blood

    to from the entire abdominal area flows through

    to the liver, before it returns to the heart.

    If it cannot flow through the liver well, it backs

    up at times into smaller vessels not used to

    handling this amount of blood and they can have

    weak spots and easily break open. If this should

    occur (any blood in the sputum, vomit, or rectal

    area) it needs checked out immediately (emergency)...

    the doctors can go in a band the vessels to stop the


    Best wishes

    Source(s): caregiver to a liver transplant patient
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