What is a good computer game that is fun and cool?

Thank you!

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    9 years ago
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    All of these can be gotten off of steam, a great online pc game service, the free to play games you will need to get off of their websites though. Keep in mind that you might not like some of these just pick through the ones under your favorite category and pick through them. I wish you luck in playing games in one of the best console platforms out there in my opinion. I hope this helps, it took a while to write. (edit: I put in some more games because of the suggestions of some new posts, thanks guys, just put it into this more organized list!)


    Stronghold 1,2

    Dungeon Defenders

    Red Alert 3

    Arma 2 (Operation Arrowhead) (this is a tactical fps and tps shooter that has a sharp learning curve but I enjoy it)

    Anomaly Warzone Earth

    Wargame: European Escalation

    Total War: Shogun 2

    Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion


    Arma 2 (OA) (this falls under both)

    Counter Strike: Source


    Just Cause 2

    Fallout: New Vegas


    The Elder Scolls: Skrim, Oblivion

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution


    Minecraft (not on steam but worth mentioning)


    Team Fortress 2

    Blacklight: Retribution

    Combat Arms

    Tribes: Ascend


    Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit


    pick sports under the steam categories and just pick your favorite sport -_-



    Portal 1,2

    Source(s): I am a big pc gamer, some of my steam library :D
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    If you're looking fro something that's cool and stands out from a lot of other games i would suggest going with portal or portal 2 depending on whether you feel you have to play the first before it' sequel but it really doesn't matter, and 2 is the better game, though both are awesome. It is a first-person puzzle game, with great character development, a fun story and an actual humorous script. HUGE recommendations on these games, but look out the puzzles get quite difficult :P

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    Minecraft - Sandbox Survival

    Terraria - Sandbox Survival

    Battledawn - Online Strategy

    Runescape - MMORPG

    Stick Arena - Real Time Shooter

    Battlefield 3 - FPS

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  • OK, so I'm a gamer and people may suggest Minecraft, and I agree with them, though there are alot of people that don't like it. Personally I would buy a game like Skyrim. It may cost a bit but it is totally amazing, especially on a PC. I can guarantee that you will love it. It has hundreds of hours of play time and great graphics.

    Source(s): Played It, still am, and still loving it! (over 6 months later)
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    9 years ago

    These ones you can play or download fir free online

    ToonTown- looks lame, but I'm 14 and I still love it! XD

    Club Penguin

    Webkinz- it's alright


    There is this one with dragons and your a knight but I forget what it's called :/



    Sonic <3

    And that's all I can remember

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    9 years ago

    World of Tanks, Minecraft, Runescape, Age of War

    Source(s): Played them all
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    9 years ago

    My favorite browser game is NYC shark and all the other ones. It's explosively hilairious. You can take down bin laden's plane or grab spiderman, sink huge crew ships anything major in new york, you can destroy. You can even pull down a giant meteor and destroy the world. Go to notdoppler.com and go into action games and it should be at the top of the list.

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    9 years ago

    EQ is currently free to play to a certain point.

    World of Warcraft is fun, and if interested in this one i can Recruit you so you can get 3x's the XP gained.

    Also Diablo 3 is out and really fun to play.

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  • 9 years ago


    World of Tanks

    total war

    Virtual sex

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    4 years ago

    attempt Xivio! Its an internet recreation/digital international/social networking website multi functional and its unfastened. No downloads the two. you are able to load photographs, music and movies on your hompy and its 3-D. I rather have designed numerous residences and am in a position to have acquaintances over to hearken to music. there are a number of rooms yet you fall into the noob room once you start up. they are doing a particular genuine now too in case you tell them WiaB despatched you they provides you with one hundred vio=digital money.

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