How can I organize a successful vendor/craft fair with 0 experience?

I have no idea what I have gotten myself into! What seemed like a simple suggestion on facebook turned into a pretty decent sized event! In 24 hours over 25 vendors and crafters have shown interest. I put up a group on facebook to discuss things with the girls! They are demanded details that I don't have! I have been calling venues, researching advertisements, collecting participants, gained a very skilled graphic designer to design our fliers. One of my girls has a contact for a press release that she has been in contact with. This is my chance to show people that I can do something like this but I have no idea if I am even doing this right?!!! I need to look for ideas, HOOKS to get ladies through the doors at the show! I thought the group I started would lead to some great ideas but mostly they are just demanding details that I dont Have!!! Help!

2 Answers

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