Why does minecraft keep saying my connection is timing out?

So i have a good internet connection.

Now heres the odd thing. I see on the internet that most people say people time out when "there" host the sever themselves, well for some reason i only time out when got into other severs other than my own.

All my friends can join my sever but after 1 hour will do time out all at the same time.

but i dont care about my sever timing out because im hosting it off a site.

My main problem is timing out 5 seconds after i join any sever. I will join a sever then it only loads the chuck i started out on then wont load anymore and says "your connection has timed out messed thingy" after i time out of minecraft, for the next 10 seconds i cant load any web pages but finally after a bit it works perfectly again. Im not sure how my minecraft is doing this to my internet...

someone please help, we have contacted the internet provider yet they said they fixed the problems and i did noticed a BIG change in speed but yet minecraft still times out. i have no one else using the internet and i have a good connection.

2 Answers

  • godby
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    possibly all the servers you get on are prevalent? if so, too many human beings could be attempting to circulate and go away at as quickly as, inflicting this. many times this 'timed out' ingredient would not final too long, although.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I really don't have no idea what is happening, but it sounds like firewall problem.

    Source(s): Because you and your friends time out same time
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