any dramas recommendations?

well...I love Korean dramas......and I'm out of dramas to watch( ones which would suit my taste of course) ....and now I want a drama in which a girl disguises herself as a boy for a specific reason

I've seen: You're beautiful, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Painter of the wind, K-pop Survival........


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    8 years ago
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    -Fullhouse (my favorite, really cute drama, starring song hye kyo and rain, a must-watch)

    -one percent of anything (a nice romcom…didn’t like ending though)

    -coffee prince (about a girl pretending to be guy…great drama by yoon eun hye)

    -shining inheritance (love the storyline and good morals in the story)

    -personal taste (a must watch for fans of lee min ho)

    -my girl (really funny and romantic....starring lee dae hae, a must-watch)

    -secret garden (love hyun bin in this drama, great storyline and suspenseful plot, a must-watch)

    -my girlfriend is a nine tail fox (a mystical romantic story, really good, a must-watch)

    -prosecutor princess (has great storyline and open you to the world of law)

    -fantasy couple (really funny, a good watch)

    -wonderful life (another favorite, really meaningful and heartwarming storyline)

    -goong (a great historical romcom, yoon eun hye is really good here, the guy actors are good looking)

    -delightful girl choon-hyung (really funny, great chemistry, a must-watch)

    -spring waltz (love the background music, a slow but beautiful drama, has happy ending)

    -dream high (great drama with dancing and singing, actor and actress from IU, 2pm, Miss A, T-ara)

    -boys before flowers (a very popular drama, good looking actors, a must-watch)

    -take care of the young lady (a good storyline but lacking in chemistry between main actor and actress)

    -you are beautiful (another very popular drama, good looking actors…a must watch)

    -that fool (really funny and romantic)

    -witch yoo hee (really funny and cute, a must watch)

    -I am sam (an interesting storyline about girl liking her teacher)

    -playful kiss (another popular drama, rendition of Japanese manga, starring kim hyun joong…a must watch)

    -smile, you (a great romantic comedy of the family)

    -heartstrings (really good…starring jung yong hwa and park shin hye…love the music and touching moments…a must watch)

    -city hunter (great plot and with good action and romance…starring lee min ho…a nust watch)

    -49 days (fantasy and romance…suspenseful plot…similar to secret garden…a must watch)

    -lie to me (funny…starring yoon eun hye…good storyline and quite interesting, about misunderstandings)

    -flower boy ramyun shop (funny, fresh, and interesting…hot guys…a must watch)

    -me too flower (great plot, love the male and female leads, funny with serious moments)

    -man of honor (about baseball player overcoming obstacles, great acting, funny and cute moments)

    -soulmate (fresh and entertaining sitcom, learned a lot about relationship and dating, a must watch)

    -mary stayed out all night (cute, starring jang geun suk, great music)

    -cinderella man (interesting plot where two man switched lives, funny, starring Yoona from SNSD)

    -shut up flower boy band (heartwarming and inspiring, must watch for those that love music)

    -rooftop prince (a prince from Joseon era is transported into the future, really funny and a must watch, bittersweet)

    -fashion king (about aspiring fashion designers working toward dream, sweet and romantic)

    -snow queen (really good, sad ending, but really made me emotional, a touching story)

    Korean movie:

    200 pounds beauty (love this movie! )

    A millionaire’s first love (great touching story!)

    My sassy girl (very funny and romantic)

    Hello schoolgirl (great movie!)

    Someone special (great plot and cute chemistry)

    Baby and me (very funny…a great storyline)

    Do re mi fa so la ti do (love the story…a bit sad…but very romantic and touching)

    Project makeover (my favorite movie….very touching and inspirational…very cute)

    Shotgun love

    Finding Mr. Destiny

    Penny pinchers (great movie and interesting storyline)

    Architecture 101 (really good movie…starring suzy and Han ga in…romantic and cute)

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    8 years ago

    Dream High 1&2(I like 1 better) and Shut Up Flower Boy Band!

  • 4 years ago

    Dream extreme (the 1st one in case you like greater song based drama.) Dream extreme 2 (in case you like greater romance based drama) huge (this is nonetheless ongoing) Flower Boy Ramyun shop (Jung Il Woo) coffee Prince Oh! My woman (great Junior's Siwon) very own flavor (Lee Minho) Rooftop Prince (DBSK/JYJ's Yoochun ) guard the Boss (DBSK/JYJ's Jaejoong) For Dream extreme, i individually beloved the 1st one greater useful. the 2d had way too plenty (cheesy) romance to be a drama some song college. the 1st one had a greater useful tale line. maximum of those are comparable in form to you're appealing, Playful Kiss, and Mary Stayed out all night this is romantic comedy. My very own favorites are guard the Boss, huge, very own flavor, and Rooftop Prince. delight in! :D

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