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麻煩幫忙翻譯成英文 勿翻譯機 (20點)

英文不是很好 煩請大家幫忙翻譯 謝謝





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    Hello, my name is AMY, Goodness gracious, to help others, participating in a number of volunteer activities. Families with four members, parents and a brother, home discipline enlightened, and getting along, bring more autonomous and responsible attitude, thanks to his parents for cultivation.

      In the field of statistics in the major courses, training of logical reasoning and ability to solve problems independently, is also active and out of elective courses expand horizons. For a variety of courses, with a serious attitude to learn to do his own part, has superior performance on my schoolwork.

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    Hello, my name is AMY, my personality is kindly, cordially, helpful, and I joined the many volunteer activities in the past days. There are 4 members in my family, me, my parents and a brother. We're open-minded, harmony, there are discipline in our home. Independent and responsible attitude in my lifetime. This depends on the cultivation of my parents.

    My major is statistics courses in our Department. Problem-solving skills and logical reasoning and independent learning. I also actively research and develop the field of a variety of courses from other Departments. I seriously study and try to do the right thing. This gives me a very good academic performance.

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