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How can the (New Jersey) Brooklyn Nets afford all of these off-season signings?

Joe Johnson due- roughly 90 million over the next 4 years

Deron Willams- 5 years 98.75 million

Gerald Wallace- 4 years 40 million

Kris Humphries- 2 years 24 million

Brook Lopez- 4 years 61 million

Thats five players scheduled to make approximately 71.1 million dollars next season alone. They also have to pay the other 11 players on the payroll. Now I understand that Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay-Z have more than enough money to make the world go round and all, and I also understand the extreme revenue stream that the move to Brooklyn and the logo change (jerseys, hats, t-shirts , etc.) will create. They will have the money necessary to pay these players, but how does can this team work under the new CBA, the NBA's soft cap, and the luxury tax that will stem from their crazy payroll?

Even if they do trade Lopez and Humphries for Howard in Orlando, they cannot until Mid January 2013, and even if the trade happens then, Howard's contract will be about the same if not more than the two combined. Just trying to figure out how under the NBA's soft cap they can field this team.

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    u will know it if u have as much money as Mikhail Prokhorov

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  • 9 years ago

    Jay-Z rollin in those $$$$$$$

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