What do you think this dream meant? (Crazy Dream)?

I was with about 15 other people. We were on teams of three running through an obstacle course. You had to run across a conveyor belt, jump over five toasters (like hurtles), ram your head into the bottom of a TV with a built-in DVD player (Which allowed you to crawl through the TV, and out the top where you would insert a DVD), then you had to sit on top of the TV, then do about 15 jumping jacks and crawl back through the TV the opposite way, jump back over the toasters, go back where you began and tag your next team mate. It was a weird crazy dream, and I remember telling the people in the dream how crazy it was. They just looked at me like I was strange (An outsider) that I thought it was crazy. I also got stuck inside the TV and needed help getting out. I wondered how in the world that was possible that you could crawl through the TV, especially without getting electrocuted.

Do you want to take a guess to what this crazy dream might mean? I haven't got a clue. Also, if you would please take a look at this other dream I had. No one gave me a good answer yet. Thanks!


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  • 8 years ago
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    Lmao, this made me smile reading this!! Probably because it reminded me of some of the crazy dreams I've had. I once dreamed that I caught my stuffy old great aunt and uncle french kissing in an old car! hahaha

    Now, your dream sounds like it had a lot of action in it. Personally, I don't think it has a specific meaning, but I could be wrong. Our brains assemble all the random thoughts of the day into strange, twisted dreams that usually make little to no sense. It is really a time of the day that we go temporarily insane :)

    It sounds to me like you're dreaming of a lot of electronic appliances, which would lead me to believe you either saw them or were thinking about them earlier that day or in the week. Did you go to wal-mart or target or some other department store and happen to pass by the wall with all the electronics? Were you helping somebody more TV sets and toaster ovens and whatnot into a new house or appartment? Were you shopping around or going with somebody who was shopping around for a new appliance? Did you own or do you know somebody who owns an older big-tube TV set that has a built-in VHS or DVD player? Those are just some of the few things that pop up in my head.

    As for the physicality of the dream, the "obstacle course" like nature of it, I think that probably has to do with what phase of wave your brain was running at the time (e.g. - alpha, delta, beta waves). There are certain waves that are more associated with physically activity, like running. And REM (rapid eye movement, not the band!) sleep is associated with dreams like that, I think.

    If you want me to apply a superficial meaning to the dream, like to sum things up, you could say that it feels like you are doing a lot of work that is very silly/ crazy right now. You feel like you are literally "jumping through hoops" for no reason. But to be honest, dreams are very individual, and we'll never truly know unless we hop into your head :)

  • Don't listen to these people, it most likely means that you are feeling like you don't know the purpose of certain obstacles you are about to overcome in your life. If you are in school, it probably means that you don't understand why you have to do certain tasks or overcome certain obstacles like taking tests or getting good grades, yet you still have to do them.

  • You're subconsciously obsessed with electronics

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    8 years ago

    your in great mental despair i suggest you get a psychologist you may not know it but your body does and this is its way of telling you. You need help. God bless you.

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