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What are some must have songs for an ipod?

I'm trying to expand my itunes library and am therefore looking for some good songs to add. What are your favorites and some songs that an ipod shouldn't be without? also I like at least a couple songs from every genre so whatever the song or genre don't be afraid to suggest it. Thanks in advance :) .

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    Your tastes and my tastes could be on two totally opposite levels, but here goes.

    Burial - Archangel ( Dubstep of the good variety )

    Explosion in the Sky - Your Hand in Mine ( Post Rock is great for an ipod )

    Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Moya ( Classic instrumental from the Post Rock Gods )

    Tim Hecker - Chimeras ( Ambien/Drone music, play this at max volume and it will rape your ears )

    The Knife - Silent Shout ( Good electronic track from the nutty Swedish duo )

    Pantha du Prince - Satellite Snyper ( Minimal Techno )

    The Twilight Sad - I became A Prostitute ( Shoegaze/Noise Rock from Scotland's finest )

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    regular iTunes downloads use lossy compression so the first would be below the uncompressed CD audio information. in case you utilize a lossless codec while ripping a CD into iTunes then you somewhat can get an identical high quality yet a lossy codec will cut back high quality (by way of fact lossy compression includes throwing information away to cut back report length). although in case you utilize a intense sufficient bit fee you likely won't be conscious the version (once you're listening to it from a playback gadget with marginal audio high quality like maximum portable gamers you likely won't be conscious any distinction between a CD rip with lossless encoding, a lossy compressed DRMed report or a pirated MP3 to procure off a P2P equipment).

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    Techno: Ghosts n Stuff by Deadmau5

    Electronic: Top of the world by Stephen Walking

    Dance: Scream by Usher

    All I can think of right now :P

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