Does Bruce Wayne die in The Dark Knight Rises?

I've been hearing some rumors lately that in the Dark Knight rises Bane would brake Batmans back and that he would die... Are these rumors true?

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    I think its funny when people are saying on these posts "thanks for spoiling it" why would u look at this post if u didn't want it to be spoiled... And everyone saying that Bruce Wayne dies is wrong,

    He wants Gotham to remember batman as the one who saved the city by sacrifice, but he is really alive in "hiding",

    early in the movie the butler Alfred says he wants Bruce to have a normal safe life like his parents wanted, Alfred told Bruce of a cafe he visits every year in Florence, Alfred says "and sometimes I imagine seeing you sitting at one of the tables eating lunch happily with a wife and maybe kids, and then you notice me, and just nod, and not say anything to me,nor me to you"and they knew each other are doing fine

    Later, after batman sacrifices his life for gotham,by using the flying batmobile to get this nuclear bomb out over the ocean, (supposivly Bruce set it to auto pilot and jumped out)

    and his funeral is done, Alfred goes to the cafe, and sees Bruce with one of the characters in the movie catwoman as his girlfriend or with, and as in the dream image Alfred had, Bruce nods and Alfred nods back, not saying a word, and Alfred smiles

    This comment is pretty damn accurate, if u say this is completely wrong or whatever, u are wrong

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      If you paid attention it is revealed close to the end that Detective John Blake's whole name is Robin John Blake,

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    Did Bruce Wayne Die

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    Does Bruce Wayne die in The Dark Knight Rises?

    I've been hearing some rumors lately that in the Dark Knight rises Bane would brake Batmans back and that he would die... Are these rumors true?

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    Yes and no.

    He flies off to destroy the bomb over the bay and it explodes, killing him supposedly.

    Lucius Fox then discovers that the autopilot was working, meaning it's possible Bruce could have survived.

    Alfred sees him in Italy.

    Also, Marion Cotillard/Miranda Tate is really Talia al Ghul, the daughter of R'as (Liam Neeson) from the first film. Bane is her ally/lover.

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character is really named Robin and he becomes the next Batman.

    Oh, and Bane does break his back fairly early on. Catwoman betrays him and Bane and him fight. He is taken to a pit prison where R'as, Talia, and Bane all hung out. He fixes his back, climbs out, and goes to save the day.

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    *This answer may contain spoilers*

    In the comic, Bane did break Batman's back, and it was just part of his plan to break him, body, mind, and spirit. So there is great precedent for that storyline. And I will tell you that one of the final scenes of the movie is Alfred crying over Bruce Wayne's grave, so Bruce Wayne is dead. But I will also tell you that is not the WHOLE story.

    Enjoy the movie.

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    If the movie follows the comic book storyline to some degree, Bane will cripple but not kill Batman with the famous back breaking move.

    Batman, on the other hand, can always create a gadget to allow him to walk.

    Most heroes with technological genius and funds can work around the handicap.

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    Hey, I've had the same questions you do. Want to talk about it but everyone keeps saying "he's alive, he was at the cafe" and talking to me like I don't understand. Really they are the ones who don't seem to understand what I'm thinking. Here's my thoughts, they seem similar to yours... I saw it the first time at the dark knight marathon and by three in the morning (and nine hours of Batman) I took the ending literal, I thought Bruce had faked his death Sherlock Holmes style. I didn't love the ending as much as I thought I would when that was my interpretation. Then I saw it again Friday and was well rested and realized that Alfred in the cafe could just be his imagination. The shot glass he drinks seems to imply he is in despair and could fall prey to wishful thinking (I assume it was a shot glass but maybe it was espresso?, either way its not crucial to the point), also his reaction to seeing Bruce doesn't seem strong enough in comparison to his reaction at the funeral to speak to Bruce truly being alive. You think he'd have reacted stronger or longer at least before leaving. Also the fact that Bruce is with Selina having coffee, just as Alfred joked he should do earlier also speaks to this being Alfred's wishful thinking. *On the flip side I am aware people taking it at face value seem to think that Bruce did this purposefully as a nod to what Alfred said. So I assumed that Bruce was dead for sure the second time. Then I saw the film for a third time on Saturday, despite the distress it caused my wallet. * I saw the film with different groups each time and depending on the group it really influenced my own interpretations the previous two times The third time I realized that the ending is ambiguous. Without being able to rewind certain scenes it is hard to definitively tell but even once its on blu-ray and I can rewind, etc, it seems it may be more inception style than I had initially thought. I think the true genius of the film is that Goyer and Nolan set up the ending for both sets of people. People who read into it all think Batman as Bruce gave his life. Alfred imagines things and 'Robin' takes his place as a new batman or new hero. People who just watch it at face value believe Bruce fakes his death to find a new life. I think personally my interpretation is that Bruce died, but it was a far braver thing he did it at the end than the beginning because by the ending he was once again afraid to die. Another crucial shot is Batman in The Bat flying it after the smoke blast as he goes out into the water. For Bruce to have lived he would've had to jump out in that smoke blast and then the shot of him piloting the plane with only five seconds left is either a time cut or a lie (most face value people forget or ignore it all together). It seems more likely to me that the scene at the cafe is the 'lie' if you will. That he really pilots the plane and then Alfred imagines he sees him. Other thoughts for that interpretation: The auto pilot being fixed is just Bruce showing Lucious that he was making a willing choice, or also giving him hope that Bruce did survive or at least could have. Either way it shows him that Bruce's death was not a result of his busy schedule and lack of fixing the auto pilot. The new bat signal could've been planted by Bruce before he died or could've been put there by the new batman, aka John Blake/'Robin'. Since Bruce did tell Blake to wear a mask but he didn't say which one. It seems odd that he would put the bat signal back up unless it was a sign that a new hero was out there or maybe the city put it in sort of the way they put up the batman statue. I would say Blake having it done makes sense, its another time cut thing where he does it after the batcave and decides he will be the new batman. Ultimately this was a great film and each time I see it I love it more, its not as visceral as the second but realizing the genius of that ending and its multiple levels really upped this film for me, this is probably the smartest and most thought provoking film so far in the 21st century due to that ending (and of course I mean smartest and most thought provoking blockbuster or big budget film, and possibly will be the smartest ever because most big budgets go for the easy catharsis and spoon feed it to us).

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    He won't die, and everything Mister Very Mean said is completely made up

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    bane is the one who will brake batman but as we know heroes always has there own ways to live ;)

  • he shouldn't. that's not how the comics are. he just gets his back broken & all that jazz.

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