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Getting a minor onto a plane without an ID?

I have a domestic flight for the 19th and I don't have an id. From what I read I don't need one to get on the plane if I have an adult confirm it's really me. I was wondering if my friend that's bringing me to the airport would be able to be my "adult" because she's 18 and has an id. Just wanted to make sure it doesn't have to be an adult over a certain age. I'm 17 and it's for Frontier Airlines if that matters.


I know it's short notice :c I only got the tickets yesterday, which is why I'm checking so close to the date. On the official Frontier site it says:

Children 17 years and under traveling alone will need:

— Official photo ID issued by a government authority

— Two forms of ID (without a photo), one of which must be issued by a government authority

— Be accompanied by an adult with appropriate ID

So I'm assuming that they'd consider 18 an adult. Last time I flew I didn't need a "legal guardian" to get on the plane, an adult family friend brought me and they checked his id before letting me on.

Update 2:

Why would it need to be 21 years old? Just curious.

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    For domestic US flights those under 18 do not need any ID.

  • glynis
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    4 years ago

    The examine in brokers might desire to be sure your id, which incorporate a face photograph. you may get an identity card on the dmv while not having to take any assessments. An identity card and start cert. might desire to be sufficient, in spite of the undeniable fact that that is terrific to ascertain which incorporate your airline approximately which identity is suitable.

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