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Where can I find an original, uncensored version of the book of Genesis?

I am seeking an undiluted version of the book of genesis that hasn't been censored or rewritten to suit the needs of a particular religion. The book must be in english and MUST not be connected to mainstream religion or transcribed into a form that makes it 'easier to read'. Any suggestions would be great?!

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    I would suggest the Jerusalem Bible which is a good translation from original sources and does show the variant readings

    You could try the Oxford Annotated Bible but you may find the language too contemporary.

    (To be honest, the fact you want a translation in English is going to cause problems since translation, no matter how carefully it is done, inevitably calls for some value judgments).

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    So you want a version of a religious book that isn't religious.

    Doesn't exist, every holy book has been rewritten by assorted sects. There is no original version, because it was written by men and then copied by men, who agreed to which version they were going to use.

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