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American art vs Japanese art?

Comics vs Manga.

Cartoon vs Anime.

well for me I like manga more than comics but I like cartoon more than anime

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    I like all of them fairly equally. I grew up with both, so it's like asking me to choose my favorite sibling (sad but true analogy). I like both Adventure Time & Durarara!, Scott Pilgrim & Naruto.

    @Jason L: You've obviously not been looking very hard. The most *popular* publishing houses in comics are superhero related, like Marvel & DC, but they're not even close to 99% of the market. If you've ever taken the time to look beyond the superhero aisle, you'd see Goth/horror titles:

    "Gloom Cookie"

    "Courtney Crumirin"

    "Nightmares & Fairytales"

    "Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl"

    "Jhonny the Homicidal Maniac"

    slice-of-life titles:


    "Scooter Girl"

    "The Plain Janes"

    "Ghost World"

    autobiographical comics (beware - some of these are damn depressing):

    "Brooklyn Dreams"


    "Little Blue Pills"


    ...and worlds more. And look - not a superhero in sight.

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    I like both comics and cartoons more than anime. Comics generally have better stories and the characters are generally likable rather than being complete assholes (there are exceptions of course, such as anything by Frank Miller).

    Cartoons on the other hand are simply better drawn, at least proper cartoons with storylines or that are just generally good. I would pit the best American animation (such as the DCAU, the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) up against the best Japanese animation and fully expect the American to win out. Additionally, the cultural differences between America and Japan really make anime unenjoyable if you know anything about the culture it comes from. You start to see exactly what is meant by some of the things that happen, or worse you realize that they aren't kidding about some things that happen in say school-based shows. Honestly sometimes its just depressing.

    Plus American stuff doesn't generally have annoying characters who spend all their time brooding while other characters shill the skills we never see and claiming their such wonderful people. That's left to live-action TV here.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I like anime and manga more then cartoons and comics.

    I prefer manga over comics because 1), manga's are much more thicker then the comics. I went onto the chapters website and I saw a spider man comic for like $4.50. The manga I normally buy are like 12.99, but the comics are super thin, and even if you you stack like 3 of them, he manga is still thicker, but for Archie comics, those are pretty thick and good, and funny. But what I like about the manga is it follows a plot, when the Archie comics are a bunch of little skits put together, no that that is a bad thing, I still like Archie, but I prefer the manga. I also like the style of art.

    Depends what cartoon. Like, once again, like the comics, the anime follow more of a plot, like in Jonny Test, there really isn't any plot, but a comedy anime like Ouran High School Host Club, there still is the plot, like her goal is to pay off her debt for breaking the vase. But I do like cartoons like the regular show because those are just funny, but I still prefer manga because of the plot, and the style. I like the style too:)

  • Ciph
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    I don't much like most cartoons because they don't look very detailed. e.g. Ren & Stimpy style was in vogue for a long time, creative but ugly art.

    Also, i outgrew superheroes when I was a kid, and most "mature" cartoons people recommend to me are superhero related. So I prefer anime since there's more genres, for the same reason, I also don't watch Shonen series from Japan. But at least Shonen isn't 100% of the market there.

    It seems like if you rule out the Shonen-ish American cartoons, that's 99% of cartoons gone.

    e.g. any cartoon which is similar to "Aria: The Animation"? No, "Kimi ni Todoke" No, "Usagi Drop" No

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    I prefer comics and cartoons

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    i like Manga and Anime more, but thats me! :D

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