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What are Obama and Romney's policy on Solar Energy?

What with greenhouse gasses emitted from burning coal, oil and natural gas, are they seriously considering solar energy as an alternative? Or are they too heavily swayed by lobbyist from vested interests in the energy sector be it owners or labor unions?

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  • Di
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    8 years ago
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    Obama promised to put solar panels on the White House and still has not "Spring officially ends next week, and the White House is strangely silent about the panels that never materialized. Throughout this spring, I’ve e-mailed the White House, through all the various channels I can find, to ask what’s up. I get responses to about a third of my inquiries, but they have nothing to do with White House solar panels. I fear that promise has gone the way of the Guantanamo closing and so many others. My hope, it is a-fadin’.

    But there’s strength in numbers, and I’m giving it one more try. Today Credo Action launched a campaign urging people to call President Obama and ask him to install the solar panels on the White House. “This is a simple and easy commitment on climate action, and the President should make good on it,” Credo Action’s website states. Indeed, this is one action that President Obama could take without having to fight Congress or make any compromises. Michelle could handle it. I guess they’ve been busy.

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    Or perhaps Obama is staying off topic because of the failed solar ventures he has poured taxpayer money into.

    Romney appears to support renewable energy and alternative energy but, not if it means huge taxpayer subsidies.

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  • 8 years ago

    No one is seriously considering solar energy as an alternative, at least not with current technology. Because it's not a serious alternative.

    The world currently consumes over 15 terawatts of energy. In the best of scenarios, assuming every last available material on the surface of the planet was turned into a solar panel and every day was sunny, solar energy could supply perhaps 5% of that.

    Solar energy is a good supplement - sticking solar panels on your roof can lower your electric bills, using solar-powered generators can help if you're in an extremely rural area without access to reliable power - it has its uses. But if we're looking for something to replace coal, oil, and natural gas, we need to be looking at options in the same caliber. If you want to replace the oxen that are pulling the wagon, it doesn't help anyone when you keep insisting on replacing them with gerbils.

    Currently, the viable alternatives for fossil fuels include cleaner fossil fuels, and nuclear fission. Intelligent energy policy involves balancing those options, not pretending that drop-in-the-bucket sources like solar or wind or geothermal are somehow relevant.

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  • 8 years ago

    Solar is not a viable alternative at this time (my position, not theirs).

    With that being said, I'm sure that both of their positions on Solar Energy is "The sun is hot".

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  • 8 years ago

    Unfortunately, affordable technology for "green energy" is still decades away, so until that day comes we must make use of what we have readily available...

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