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Which country should i go to next year february/march time?

Im wanting me and my mum to go somewhere next year , somewhere hot so i have enough time to save up and i want it to be got in february time and i am looking to save a £100-£150 pounds a month so by next year i will have nearly a grand or abit less we are wanting to spend between £400-£750 on the flight and hotel together proberly half board and around 7-10days we would like to go for. I want somewhere with nice bars and local shopping centres and food places and defo close to a beach. I want somewhere cheap so i can take about £150 spending money. So anywhere whats cheap from the United Kingdom Leeds or even Manchester Area is close to travel from

Any suggestions thanks

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  • 8 years ago
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    For beach weather in February/March, you're looking at somewhere close to or south of the equator. The longer flight distances mean higher travel costs. You could get a flight from Manchester to the Seychelles for £600-£700 per person, but that wouldn't include a hotel. Your best bet may be the Canary Islands (e.g., Tenerife). It's not exactly hot in February or March, but it would be pleasant temperatures and much more affordable. Depending on exactly when you go, you could be there for Carnaval.

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  • Martin
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    8 years ago

    The problem is most European countries are not that hot for the beach in the month of February. If you're looking for hot and really nice beaches, and very cheap to buy things then I would suggest one of the islands in Thailand.

    You'll get a flight for around £500 and nice accommodation for about £200. Everything after that is really cheap, for example a a beautiful meal from the street sellers where loads eat costs about 30 BAHT, that's under £1.

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  • Anne
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    4 years ago

    Still being played summer (June) 2010

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