Would a tennis racket be a good weapon during the zombie Apocalypse?

I was think of what to do during the zombie Apocalypse and I realized I have no weapons! I'm broke and jobless and we aren't exactly "rich". The only things that I have that would kill a zombie would be my sisters metal tennis racket, a tenor saxophone, dull kitchen knife and a TV.


Honestly, how many people can afford guns. I can't.

Update 2:

Where would you get a kanta (that, and I know clue how to use it)

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    7 years ago
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    You wouldn't survive long enough although it is a stealthy weapon if you could be stealthy enough. What I would do is try to tape the knife to the metal racket, break the TV's screen and try to glue the little Sharp pieces to the metal sides of the racket, now you have sharper sides to cause more damage :)

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  • 4 years ago

    If you have the physical strength to cause enough blunt-force trauma to the head with a crowbar to fell a zombie, and the maneuverability to engage in close-range combat with zombies without getting bitten, then a crowbar is a logical choice. If not, I would recommend something with a little more range, like a bow and arrow or a spear (the latter of which could be easily homemade). If that's not an option then you might want to consider either learning to run very fast for long distances or find someone who has weapons to hang around. Otherwise, get a gun.

  • 7 years ago

    Well, the tennis racket would make for a crappy weapon (it has no blade, nor does it have enough mass to make a good bludgeon) and it wouldn't last very long anyway.

    Out of the things you mentioned, only the dull kitchen knife would be good for a weapon, though you'd have to get in close enough to ram it through a zombie's eye socket or through the base of it's skull to hit the brain (which is harder to do than you'd think - a long, thin metal spike would be better for either option).

    I katana would be fine if you could find one that is an actual, functioning weapon and not just a show piece (and most of the ones you'll see for sale are just show pieces). The real deal is expensive though; look to pay a couple of hundred bucks at the minimum. And even with a sharp, full tang katana, cutting off a human head in one blow is rather hard to do despite what you've seen in the movies.

    If I were you, I settle for a baseball bat or ax handle made out hickory - either option is relatively cheap and easy to find - and it would also be easier to use either one to cave a zombie's skull in than trying to behead it with a bladed weapon. Also, you could just smash in a knee and they'd go down long enough for you to get away or finish them off.

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  • 7 years ago

    Your gonna have to go with the dull kitchen knife, its easy to sharpen them, just scrape on concrete or stone. its portable and easy to use. Imagine being chased by zombies trying to carry a tv? the tennis racket maybe but its probably break or bend too soon, i'd suggest still tying it across your back for emergency purposes. the saxaphone would probably make too much noise depending how you used it and attract unwanted attention so i'd leave that out. Remember though that you can use nearly anything as a weapon like rocks, branches, and if there is a zombie invasion you can always borrow something from the neighbours, i doubt at that point in time they'd mind :)

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    No. You would be too close to the zombie, and it's dull so it wouldn't be able to hurt it very much. It would also be a bad idea since there would probably be gangs, and I highly doubt you can fend off a gang with a tennis racket. A better idea would be creating a weapon by hammering nails through a a piece of wood and then swinging it at threats. It'd still be pretty close to the zombie, but it would work better.

  • 7 years ago

    You can use the electric cord from the tv to tie the knife onto the handle of the tennis racket. So you can use the racket to stun them, then stab them with the knife. Also, if the TV is old and has glass, you can break the glass and use the shards for more things to stab them with.

    If you have tape or other cords from lamps and things, you can use cords to strangle the zombies and use the tape to attach the knife on the tennis racket.

    I guess you can use the sax to bludgeon them if it came down to it.

    When the zombie apocalypse happens, you'll find me in the nearest state prison. Not a county jail.

    They have generators so they have power.

    They have an armory with ammo.

    They have food.

    They have the good security.

    They have medical facilities.

  • 7 years ago

    A bow would be best. Reusable ammo and great for game. You have a computer look into how to make a bow on google. The best wood for it is hickory (at least in my opinion) an arrow will just take a strait piece of wood with a sharp tip though I would learn to work with flint for an edge like native Americans did.

  • 4 years ago

    You could always(assuming this is a zombie apocalypse scenario) just scavenge a destroyed gun shop

  • 7 years ago

    Guns... are out of the picture, sooner or later there will be no one makin amunition in an apocalypse.. sword bst idea katna.. anything with a blade or even a blunt object

  • 7 years ago


    a glock 22, a remington 870 and a mini-ruger 14 would be three good weapons

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