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Whats a good excersize and diet to make me loose atleast 2 pounds a day?

I dont wanna here any negative sayings that you cant because you can. Plus dont give me any other diets and workouts if you cant loose atleast 2 pounds. And if do, they will not be used at ALL and it will be just a waste of time. And no, i dont wanna buy any work out videos. Im just a teen.

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    (Your kind of negative/), ... Yes you can loose 2 pounds a day, ive known buddies who have lost 5 a day, but its not all fat and wont all stay off, most water weight will come off fast n first so thats what youll see.. To loose that much a day youll jave to be working out at a constant routine daily , n have no life... Simple high intensity cardios will do the trick find your hrt rate max, n at what point your doing and change that to ur max

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    Hey! I've lost so many pounds in a month.

    I don't eat bread or rice.

    No soda or sweets.

    I drink lots of water

    Every morning and night I do:

    50 curl ups

    2 minute plank

    30 squats

    25 pushups

    10 leg lifts and butt kicks (each leg)

    And I run for at least 45 mins daily

    I don't eat after 6 pm.

    For breakfest:

    Bowl of bran cereal with berries

    Avocado with cottage cheese

    Or fruit smoothies

    And for snacks:

    Raw veggies like carrots with non fat ranch

    Cup of fruits

    Hope this works for you as it has for me!

    Source(s): Gone from 240 pounds to 150
  • 7 years ago cant lose 2 lbs of body fat a day. It is impossible. If you ran marathon and ate one meal you wouldn't likely lose a legit lb in one day. You can shed water weight but that just comes back when you drink.

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