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Going on a airplane for the first time?

Ok so I am going on a airplane this Monday to florida, it's. A 2 hour flight. Im only 13 and I have never been on one one before and I am afraid of heights. I'm also bringing my iPad and windows pc. I read online that when the iPad and computer are scanned or something the entire things get erased, is this true and if so how can I prevent it??

Any tips?


Can someone tell me what airplane mode is for and can I acess the Internet in the airplane?

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    Obviously, there's no internet on an airplane. It interferes with the technology and radars and something like that. It's just not allowed because of interferences. Airplane mode is when your smartphone or laptop, etc, won't go looking for a connection to the internet, therefore, you can't use the internet. Having something erased has never happened to me, I don't think people would bring their electronics if all the data was going to be erased, though...

    You have nothing to fear. You're flying over land - not seas! And I don't even remember the statistic, but apparently you're so much safer on the plane ride than on the ride in the car to the actual airport. The flying industry wouldn't be so stinky rich if it wasn't safe. I love flying, airports are so much fun! Now for the fun stuff!

    Here's a little guide I wrote:

    Here are some tips I made, with a few boredom killers here and there!:

    I am in fact going on a trip in two weeks! I'll share my checklist, but first some advice!

    -If you know you get easily nauseous on car rides, PLEASE take a chewable anti nausea/gravol pill so that you don't feel sick. Trust me, I always felt sick before and it just makes your layover,etc, feel really sour and bad!

    -I can't even stand the smell when the food cart comes out - it's probably just me though. I haven't been on a plane in two years, but usually we packed sandwiches, or little snacks like pretzels, etc. Little things that are allowed on the plane, that can fill you up shortly just so your tummy isn't grumbling and dryer foods are better to prevent feeling sick.

    -FOR SURE, bring a camera! Capture the wonderful things you'll see on your trip and shoot some pics of the clouds! (To pass the time.)

    -Bring a wordsearch or sudoku as a time-passer. If you're traveling with a friend or relative, bring a deck of cards or mini chess set!

    -Bring a book and some magazines you like! START A TRAVEL JOURNAL! Include the date, cool things you did or saw, pictures, ticket stubs, logo napkins, postcards, etc!

    -Best of all, just take a nap so you feel less jet-lagged!

    *Some things on my checklist:

    -Book, magazines, sudoku, wordsearch

    -Sunglasses & pouch, camera & pouch

    -Hoodie/sweater (It will probably be chilly on the plane!)

    -Wallet + money + important papers

    -Chargers and cords of electronics

    -Tissues and wetwipes


    -Neck pillow





    -WATER *purchased after security check, or else they'll dump it!

    I really hope this answer helps. Have a wonderful and safe trip!! xx

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    Hey man don't worry, I fly all the time an it is the funest thing ever, nothing will happen to your belongings, you cannot bring liquids like a can of soda on the plane but laptops iPads Phone and all that is allowed, you also dont need to back uP anythIng because the scanner will not effect any electronics. Keep In mind that if flying were dangerous it wouldn't be an industry worth billions of dollars and which transports millions of people everyday. And the chances of you getting in a car crash on the way to the airport are a lot greater than you ever crashing in a plane. Oh, the plane make any make all kinds of strange noises but. That's normal and it is always nice to strike up a conversation with a fellow passenger, it helps kill tIme on the plane. So don't worry there is nothIng to worry about. And if it were dangerous there wouldnt be thousands of people jumping on a plane all the time. So have fun and it'll be just fine. And yo won't be bothered about heights when your in the air. Plus the higher you are in a plane the safer it is!

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    If its your first time, try to enjoy it! Taking may irretate you but once your in the air you barely notice. If you put your iPad and pc in your carry on bag hopefully it won't erase. You would put it on airplane mode to save battery and no you cant activate the Internet on the plane. You will be to high up it won't be able to reach signal. Anyway, have a great time in Florida!!!!

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    Not so sure about anything getting erased, it never happened to me or anyone I know. As for flying, don't worry about it. It's not scary at all, it's actually a fun experience and it goes by really fast. Enjoy it and enjoy your vacation :)

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