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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 9 years ago

does he like me?????????????/?

OK so there is this guy that just came and visited my church and i have noticed that while we were in church listening to the pastor preach he kept looking my way so i look at him and smile and look away quickly then i cross my hands and notice that he is doing the same thing but then i think what if it was just a coincidence so i unflod my hands and start biting my hands and i look over to him and realise he is doing it to. then the next day we had youth night and he was there and he would look my way a couple times and after church he came to me and a group of friends and introduced himself but i didnt really pay attention to him i kept talking to my friend jenny and he was talikng to my sister but when i would look at him i would catch him looking and he would automatically start smilling. he had such a cute accent and and he said thanks and i just kept smilling at me and he knida stoped making eye contact with my sis and just would look at me and smile like crazzzy then i got and left and he didnt stay and talked to my sis he left to. he went by the church door with another group of ppl and i was standing at the door with my friend and while he was in that group and those ppl were talking to him he kept looking my way i smiled and left. the sad thing is that he is leaving next week so i will only see him 1time but just wondering do u think he likes me ?

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  • R B
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    9 years ago
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    He probably does but the fact that he is leaving in a week really messes things up.

    If it is God's plan you will meet up again later in life and continue where this left off.

    You could be pen pals or something, but usually long distance relationship are very difficult because 2 people who care about each other want and need to be together.

    I suggest you try to not get too attached because he is leaving anyway.

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