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Tequan asked in Social SciencePsychology · 9 years ago

Do guys ever actually have conversation with each other?

Or do they say very little to each other?

What do they talk about when they it is guy to guy compared to guy and girl or girl to girl?? Besides girls

When ever I try to make a conversation with a guy it doesn't last long really...

I only see guys making conversation if it is about sports, or they are just joking/messing around, which I suck at...and I am not interested in sports....

I never really made friends with guys, not even girls, but the girls I have made friends with I wasn't even trying because they weren't someone I saw myself really getting to know until we started hanging out and talking more and getting close.

With guys I try to talk and make conversation but it doesn't everrrr work. It's just kind of...boring and plain and it just feels hard to make conversation.

The thing that sucks is I have a reputation of being shy and quiet, so if it gets to an awkward silence, they blame it on me even though they didn't try because I am the shy, quiet, awkward it's always my job to break it.

This is with all guys I talk to, I actually want to have an open, talkative relationship, but it neverr happens...

What should I do?

What am I doing wrong?

Do I stick to one person to much instead of moving on?

Why is it that I always feel nervous and awkward.

Especially after I made friends...or at least I think I did, I end up still feeling like I have to entertain them or make the conversation to try to be their friend even though we are already friends, and this is with all guys. I always get nervous to talk to them, and I don't know why. I always get hesitant...and it just sucks...

Also I am a guy, and I am just saying because a lot of people answer this question as if I am a girl, but it's different for girls because guys are more interested in talking to girls.

3 Answers

  • 9 years ago

    Guys talk about what interests them. The key is to find people who share your interests; they are out there, trust me. For instance, I like talking about anime and videogames and books and science and hypothetical situations such as "what superpower would you prefer" or "what if you could..." or "what if we're actually dead but just don't know it yet? And what if we're born when we 'die'?" I just listened to other people for a while until I found some I liked, then I walked up and said hi. Your first conversation doesn't even have to be especially deep or involved; "hi, I heard you talking about ____" works fine.

    Part of the trick is listening first. I, like you, am not a social or outgoing guy. I've made a small career out of listening to what people say and remembering it for later. I rarely speak and even more rarely say more than ten words at a time. Even more important, I never actually joined any group by walking up and starting a conversation. I just sat near the outskirts and listened. Eventually, a couple of guys noticed my interest (or possibly just started feeling uncomfortable about me just sitting there) and invited me over. After that, some others started noticing that I actually had some interesting things to say, so they started to hang around. Eventually, I had my own small group of ten people siting in my traditional corner talking about what I was interested in, whether or not I talked back.

    the most important part of the trick is acting interested. Whether or not you actually care about the specific subject being discussed (such as how a Nuzleaf matches up against a Vigoroth), if it's about a genre that you like, at least pretend to be interested. Eventually it might switch to Bulbasaur or Absolom. Straighten up, don't look at the floor, don't not look at the person, don't interupt, don't obviously attempt to change the subject. Just smile and nod, because if you act confident, no one actually cares if you never say two letters in a half-hour speech.

    It's true that guys don't tend to talk as obsessively as girls, but that's because there's less worth talking about. The things that really matter either go unsaid or ought to. Either everyone knows it, or no one does but pretends to because they think everyone else does.

  • 9 years ago

    Confidence is key. Make eye contact and dont dip your head (its seen as submission). Even though a guy wont think "wow he's submissive", the subconscious will pick up on it. And even if you're not confident, FAKE IT! People will buy it if you're convincing enough. If it gets quiet comment on it. Like if its a really awkward topic that ends suddenly or you can sense it will be bad, i usually say "So how bout this weather? Hot/Cold/Crazy huh?" or "awkward..." to deliberately end the silence with laughter. Be sure to smile and/or chuckle a little when you say it though. Also, Google it to get more tips and advice

  • tubb
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    -as quickly as each and every few years or so. :) So in case you particularly need to strike up a verbal replace with somebody ( YOUR velocity ); then come across a Shy female who shares YOUR pastimes- and end traumatic approximately there being something "incorrect" with the form you're... -with the aid of fact have confidence Me, -there is not !! :)

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