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Can you play use a surround sound system to play vinyl?

Will it work for me to plug my record player into my home theater receiver? Or do I need to buy a separate receiver?

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  • 9 years ago
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    You can "if" you run the turntable through a phono preamplifier. This amplifies the audio signal coming from the phono cartridge and also re-equalizes the signal recorded on the record back to a flat frequency responce. All records are recorded with high frequency's boosted and low frequency's reduced, so the phonostage re-equalizes the audio signal to give you a flat responce.

    This is done to get more music onto a record and to assure the cartridge can stay in the groves.

    Remember records are stereo so it will only play through you main left and right speakers, "unless" you but it into a simulated surround mode which then it will play on all speakers.


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Probably. A record player puts out a different signal than all others, so you have to use the "phono" input RCA jacks. The audio signal is lighter and more sensitive, and has not been "preamp"ed. Phono level inputs are somewhere between microphone and line level, unless it is a modern turntable that says "line out" for the RCA output. Even if it doesn't, you can try. You won't harm anything by plugging your record player into a "line in", but you won't get sound because those inputs are expecting a stronger audio signal. So, if your receiver has "Phono", that's what you connect it to. Your receiver should also have a "stereo" mode? Stereo is the audio imaging for music, painting a scene of musicians on stage in front of you. Surround for music works with "live", "hall" to paint an image of reverb in an auditorium.

  • 9 years ago

    Without knowing your exact set up, there's no reason it won't work. White on white, red on red, and it's that easy, as long as your receiver accepts analog input for other components.

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  • 9 years ago

    if you go to the music store thay have a 5.1 encoder for musical Instruments its rare but thay do have them .. and your surround sound will uncode it and play 5.1 sound

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