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What is wrong them? I'm scared....?

I stay with my cousin and her mom,. They've always been weird, but lately they've been acting stranger. Her mom has always been a jerk, anbd tried to make me jealous with everythign my cousin did,

my cousin is weird too, they're always trying to put me down and make me feel like she's better than me. Well, they've always bullied me a lot, and my cousin will hit me, and call me names, try to almost drown me in her swimming pool, and her mom always says "Well, it's our house she can do what she wants" or will say "well. she was just kidding".

But a couple months ago, my cousins;s dad passed away, and he never really lived with them, because my cousin's mom (his wife) and him didnt get along, but he always came over every now and then to see my cousin (his dauughter), he was always a little odd himself.

Well, when he passed my cousins mom didnt seem at all upset, my cousin did, but her mom would never comfort her, she never even acted sad, she just kept saying that they were going to sue the hospital, and get money. When he died, they didn't even spend much of the insurance money on his funeral, they spent it on themselves.

Well, a couple days ago, i was in the pool with my cousin and she kept trying to dunk me underwater. i kept telling her to stop, and she said soemthing like that if she drownded me no one would believe she did it. Then, her mom said she was trying to "fix" my hair. and she said she was just putting a treatment in it, and then when i brushed my hair, huge globs came out, i started crying because it took half my hair out.

My hair is blonde so i noticed that it turned my hair dark then fizzled it out, JUST like Nair hair remover, I'm about convinced she put hair remover in that treatment. They've always tried to bully me, put me down, and make me feel less than her but they're acting really strange, like theyre trying to hurt me

I'll say i dont wanna stay there anymore, but they guilt me into it by bringing up my cousin being sad over her dad.

I also stayed the night with their neighbor who is my friend and they found out and told me i was a bad person for not staying with my cousin, they get mad when i dont stay with them and stay with someone else.

I also found some papers my cousin had drew on that said something like "I hate myself, no one likes me, i wanna switch schools," and i had a pic drawn of a two stick figure girls, and one was chasing the other with a knife.

Is she schizo or soemthing? Or devestated by her dad;s death? She's always been strange and bullied me, but it seems like they're always trying to hurt me or something when im there. What's wrong with them? I'm scared...

2 Answers

  • 9 years ago
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    They sound very very weird which I know you already know. But this stuff with them trying to drown you and removing your hair is seriously messed up. The mother and daughter both sound screwed up, I think it would be in your best interest to move out of there and live with someone else. With them acting even more weird I would look out because the way you explain it, it almost sounds like theyre planning to do something worse. So I suggest you get out of there as soon as you can

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    you should call the police and leave far away they are crazy. i was going to troll this but your story is so ****** up that if this is actually happening get the mother especially put in jail.

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