BPD assisted suicide?

Whenever I get into positive head space I hold on for dear life and try to make the best of the short bliss. The last time I was there I was perfectly happy and enjoying some time by the lake and I thought of how great it would be if I could be assisted in dying.

Now I'm in a terrible way again and wish I could just get out of this endless cycle!! I've been in therapy for 8 years and on medication for 7. I've tried variations of both with positive results not lasting more than half a year.

I am horrible to everyone in my life including my doctors. I hate who I am even when I'm not depressed or in rage mode.

The question: assuming i have exhausted my options for treatment and it is written that my life will be chaos and suffering, that I will remain on disability my whole life because I am unable to function... Is suicide okay? From an ethical and moral standpoint. I don't see how it could be a bad thing to allow me to end this rollercoaster.

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    8 years ago
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    Man this is very big problem in the world right now and it comes from different reason's but there is always reason to live no matter how things are bad.You said that you are horible even for your doctor's but problem is not what they think about you,that is not important for you the real problem is what you think about yourself and why you have that thought's on your mind.Life is probably only one and if you throw away it because what other think about you that's you will not get another chance and you don't make anybody favor with suicide!

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    8 years ago

    You see everybody has drawbacks, everybody has to fight those drawbacks to survive. Some are able to do it, and some are not. I also have experienced the same kind of despair. It was just the night before yesterday I got overwhelmed by these negative emotions. All those times when I failed at something, when I was met with disapproval, when I embarrassed myself, they painfully replayed again and again in my head, and I kept trying to think of how I could have acted differently, to make things better. I felt like I can never be good at those things. I came to the conclusion I have failed most of the time, and it would be no different no matter how many times I try.

    That is where we are wrong.

    We have consciously and subconsciously convinced ourselves of this fact. But please trust me, THAT IS NOT TRUE! Who is the most unfortunate, unluckiest, poorest person you have ever seen or you know of? Think about him/her. Are you in a worse off position than him/her? In our despair, we fail to realize and value the priceless things that we already have. Don't you have a fully functional pair of eyes? well, John Milton did not have them and he wrote his most famous epic 'Paradise Lost'. I'm only trying to say that however difficult the path may seem, however impossible it may seem, trust me IT IS possible to overcome the difficulties. There are countless examples of people with severe disabilities, in spite of which they were able to perform wonders.

    Now I know I can never fully understand how you exactly feel and it is very easy to lecture someone without experiencing such anguish. Maybe if I was in place of you, I might have already given up. But still that does not make whatever I am saying untrue.

    This was about mentality. Now what immediate actions you could take to be better. Do you exercise daily? If not I very strongly suggest you to take up yoga. I guarantee you if you be regular, you'll start to feel better in a matter of 1 or 2 weeks. There is a book: "Light on Yoga by B K S Iyenger" or "illustrated Light on Yoga by B K S Iyenger". It is a great book, and the asanas (poses) are explained very clearly. There is a weekly course of asanas given in it. I suggest you follow it. The asanas may look scary to you at first sight, but follow the course and you'll be able to learn them with relative ease.

    If it makes you feel any better: My mother is Schizophrenic, my elder brother committed suicide just a few months ago, I am an introvert and am bullied at least twice a day at college, I am shy and have trouble speaking my mind (but I can write just fine), the branch that I had to chose in my engineering college(biotechnology) for unavoidable reasons has no scope in our country.

    Honestly, it's a difficult life. But people have gone through worse and survived, and I too hope that I will finally be able to achieve my dreams, and I continue to struggle. And so should you.

    Best of luck

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    Death is not the answer... You stil have something to do in your life. Yes, I know what you mean... And thing that popped on top of my head when I read your question was, take me with you. I know if is hard, but people like us have no choice but to be strong for one another... Wether you like it or not or how fu**ed up it sounds, people do actually care... I hate people for how inhuman and stupid and how mean they can be. But there are a very few left that actually makes the world worth living for. Take me with you... And let's talk things out...

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    8 years ago

    First try deep breathing to feed as much oxygen to your brain as is possible. This should kick start rational thinking and concentration. You can feel your moods coming on so when you get the first signs grab control with deep breathing and slow exhale. Think of nothing other than feeding your brain as much oxygen as you possibly can. It works for me. Hope it helps you.

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