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Does this guy sound...datable, I guess that's the right word?

There's a guy friend of mine that I'm interested in. He does have his flaws but I do like him. Here's some of his qualities and things he does for me:



~Funny (sort of perverted but I don't mind.)

~He listens to my problems and offers his advice.

~He sees when I'm frustrated or sad, and he'll try to help or get me to smile.

~I usually get a hug from him every day (during school).

~He would talk to me about my ex-boyfriend (I'm over him, obviously.)

I've been there to listen to his problems and help. Like after his mother died, I would try to help any way I could. I always talked to him and gave him advice when he needed it.

Some 'flaws' of his I know of:

~He smokes (I have too actually. I'm done with it though. My parents smoke as well, so I don't mind.)

~He drinks too. I don't know how much. I don't think heavily.

That's all I know. I'd have to ask one of my other friends if there are any more.

So, whaddya think?

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  • 9 years ago
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    how old are you guys.. \

    drinking is a key thing he might turn into an alcoholic as his parents are gone i bet hes sad..

    1st any guy that listens to me is a keeper... 2nd to be there and listen about an ex bf wow thas off the charts as a cardinal rule guys never talk about exes and neither should you as.. it turns them off. ok its drama so kudos to him . if he drinks daily hes an addict.. if he gets drunk when he does drink hes an addict..

    but if he has a beer and stops after he knows the difference then ok . if he does hard liquor beware

    i made a mistake of falling for a guy just like this . i knew he drank when we went out but I never suspected an addict of booze..i said tho to myself i can always break up with him but I couldnt as i loved him and wanted to help him.. he was later he got abusive altho he was kind sweet listened.. I regret it now but who knows.. i say give him a break and give him a try

  • 9 years ago

    He is datable. Just when u r dating get him to quit smoking and drinking. My dad was an alcoholic and drank his way out of my life and my grandparents all died before I went into kindergarten because of smoking. He is going to slowly kill himself.

  • 9 years ago

    yeah he is dateable :) seems like a nice enough guy :) Good luck :) x

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