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what is the switchgear , and why is it used ?


What is the switchgear and why it's used , and where is it used ?

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  • Walter
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    9 years ago
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    I'm not an industrial electrician (my father was for 35 years) but have some idea. The switchgear is where the utility feed is broken out for distribution to various circuit breaker panels and large loads nearby typically in an industrial building or large multistory residential building. The switchgear contains bus bars and contactors for power distribution within a facility. They also can include large circuit protection devices and power condition monitors. This gives electricians (or facility managers with authority to kill power in an emergency) control over the power feeding large loads or individual transformers or breaker panels. Where I work we have 2 small switchgear panels in the electrical room. They have a number of large specially isolated switches for things like the air conditioners, the step down transformer, and other lower voltage breaker panel feeders nearby in the same room. They also have the electric meter for the facility since this is where the facility power is sourced and distributed.

  • 5 years ago

    switchgear mainly use in industrial place and building and residential tower . because switchgear use for electricity distribution and power cut. also use for safety purpose like short circuit. if you want buy online switchgear in india than visit- Global Sparenparts private Limited

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