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what is a 1997 n/a toyota supra capable in the power district?

looking at buying a N/A toyota supra to build into a race car. im not gonna turbo it im going to keep it

N/A. what kind of power can i expect fully built for race N/A?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    About 300hp at the crank, and 225rwhp.

    To give you an idea, this set up put out 215rwhp:

    stock bottom end with 82,000 mi

    port n polish head

    1mm oversize titanium valves

    titanium retainers

    crower springs

    ttc 268 cams (ex & intake)

    slight port work done to intake manifold, just clean up ruff areas really

    shaved head (around 10.5:1 my guess. they told me how much they took off but dont remember and not smart enough to write it down. but the valves will hit the cylinders now)

    aem ems

    hks dli

    exard headers


    jic titanium catback

    injen intake with custom cold air intake

    maf delet

    ur cam gears

    all emissions removed

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