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? asked in Consumer ElectronicsCamcorders · 9 years ago

Sony handycam recorder ccd-trv138 help?

Hello i need help i have a sony handycam recorder ccd-trv138 and i wanted to know if you can help me.. Well at first the camcord was saying error or something like that and i tryed to put in a blank mini cassette and when it was injecting the cassette it only went down a little and went back up.. Then i tryed putting a used cassette and it went in and started making a noise and it ejected it by itsself with the tape pulled out and i want to fix it because i have alot of really impt. Videos thanx

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  • lare
    Lv 7
    9 years ago
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    you camera has a broken or loose belt on the tape reel drive. take it to the shop for repair.

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