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After I wake up from lap band surgery, what will my pain level be like?

will I feel pain after I wake up from the surgery?

why do they discharge patients the same day usually?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Your pain will be minimal. At worst maybe a dull ache where the doc inserted his laproscopic instruments. You will be blown away at how good you feel and will be equally surprised at how little you can eat.

    The best and most important thing you will do for yourself is walk, walk walk. That will relieve you of any gas that will still be in your abdomen as well as lessen the chance of a blood clot or heaven forbid, or getting pneumonia.

    More than likely you will be discharged from the center or hospital the same day. Just remember that you did have surgery and that you were under general anesthesia. Give your body some time to heal.

    Source(s): I had RNY gastric bypass 14 years ago and went from 500 lbs to 160. I also worked for my surgeon for several years, ran support groups and worked at a local hospital as the Bariatric Coordinator. Check out my website concerning weight loss surgery.
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