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I don't know what to do help!?

Okay, so there is this amazing girl. I known her all my life, we practically grew up together. We are really close and re would tell each other everything! Recently, she has been trying

to get over a guy and asks me for help. Then we starting texting a lot more.

One day she was awake at 4 in the morning, and wanted to talk to me so she spammed my phone until I picked up. We had an hour conversation, then she said "goodnight I love you". That made me feel good inside, because she never says that.

Now a week later, she comes over and she was all over me. We had sexy time in my bed. I could tell she wanted me to kiss her so bad. She let me touch her boobs, and she was trying to rub my d*ck. Then I started to fall for her. But the next day she wouldn't even talk to me via phone. She is now a 3 week vacation overseas, and I messages her on Facebook "I miss you! When you get back I'll do something special for you". That was a week ago, she has been on a couple of times but hasn't responded to it. I am planning to ask her out when she gets back.

Why is she ignoring me? Does she actually like me? Or am I just getting used?

2 Answers

  • 9 years ago

    it sounds like she currently is not interested in you and if you ask her out when she gets back it should not be right away. either she wanted to have a fling with someone ( you ) before she left and thats all... or she is just looking to have fun while on vacation and doesnt want you to ask her out so has to remain faithful while away. give it a few weeks after she gets back and then decide.

  • 9 years ago

    I think she just used you to get over that guy, now she wont answer because she feels ashamed of what happened in your bed that's why she wont answer your messages.... talk to her as soon as she gets back and fix this before it gets a lot more out of hand !

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