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do you ever get the feeling dan schneider doesn't like ariana grande?

i mean theres been 1-2-3-4 episodes where she had NO lines because her charecter was sick or just plain didn't say anything, i think dan schneider is mad that ariana has used victorious as a platform to launch her own career while she's still on HIS show..... and who can blame him?

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  • 9 years ago
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    No, actually, sometimes it feels like he "prefers" her.. she's in lots of videos, her character sometimes gets "exaggerated" or something, and Dan Schneider, I think, promotes her music more than that of, for example, Jennette or Victoria.. but IDK, that was a while ago.

    Also, she's the only character who wears false lashes. Haha xD

  • 9 years ago

    no never felt that, but then again I don't really watch it like that. I know that her character says ridiculously stupid things, thich is what I thought was why this would be asked.

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