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I need story advice please?

I kinda wanna writea story just for fun , but Ineed a little help. I wanna make itabouta girl who thinks she is in love witha man , but the man turns out to be violent. Iam not sure how I should put it together. I want the girl to be in collgegeand the boy too. Ineed a title.Anyadivice would be great. By the way Iam just doing this for fun. (Im bored) Im notanauthor.

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  • 9 years ago
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    You can title it something like 'The Beauty In Pain' and it could be about a girl in an abusive relationship who's friends and family keep telling her to leave, but she loves the boy so much she just can't and then she ends up getting pregnant but the guy beats her until she has a miscarriage then he goes to jail and she realizes she didn't love him.

    I suggest trying to put a lot of emotion into it. Make the reader want to bawl their eyes out. Make the reader feel the pain of the woman.

    Also, separate your words and whatnot.

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