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Anonymous asked in TravelTravel (General)Packing & Preparation · 9 years ago

What am i going to do on vacation?

i'm going to mexico in a few weeks! i'm going with my father and my best friend. both her and i are expecting to be due for our monthly visitor while we're there... we're both 14 & we don't use tampons. we're going for about a week and i don't want the trip to be ruined because of it.. how will i be able to swim everyday and tan in a bathing suit? & do all of that fun stuff? if i did decide to use a tampon, would it be ok to try it out while on vacation? or will i be uncomfortable? any advice would help.. thank you!

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    9 years ago
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    You can definitely decide to just use tampons for the vacation only. I know some young ladies who try them and fall in love never desiring to use pads ever again. You should be fine. There's also something called a diva cup that lots of women who don't want to use either use who absolutely love it. Otherwise, you're going to have to skip tanning, swimming or anything requiring you to be dressed to a minimum and just enjoy yourself in other ways. Have fun!

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