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Wouldn't the God Christians and Muslims worship be Jewish?

Christians have to admit that Jesus was Jewish (don't he was Hebrew and not Jewish, they mean the same thing).

Although I read somewhere that this Jewish commented that

"As a Jew, I don't believe God is Jewish. The Jewish people are the descendants of a tribe that has a particular deal with God, but that does not mean that God is Jewish or that S/He cannot make other deals with other tribes or reveal another side of himself to another group of people. It's the classic Blind Men and the Elephant situation. We all perceive God from different angles and assume that our perception is the only right one. I reject Christianity as a continuation of the Jewish faith, but I believe it can be valid on its own merit. I'll keep waiting for my Messianic age, and y'all can believe whatever your own experiences lead you to believe"

What do you Jewish Y&A think?

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  • Davids
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    9 years ago
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    First, the question. "Wouldn't the Jewish?

    I think you do not understand what "being Jewish" is. A Jew is one or both of two things. Either a person born of a Jewess and/or a person what converted to that faith (Judaism).

    The God the Jews created Judaism and the people who are called Jews. Jews are not all that there is of Hebrews. The Hebrews would include ALL of the 12 tribes and 10 of those tribes were lost by being taken captive and forced to assimilate with the neighbouring pagan (non-Israelite/Hebrew) peoples way back in time.

    God was never born, so He can't be "Jewish" in His own person. Since He created the faith of the Jewish people, He is Creator (of not just them, but all Hebrew people, even all people).

    Now, Islam (the religions of Muslims) has "holy" scripture purporting to be the very words of their god. And that god says things (recorded in their Quran) that are totally against the Jewish people and their Israel. Such a god can not be One and the same God as the Jews have. Likewise, the God of Israel does not lie and the god of Muslims does frequently.

    As for the God of Christianity. Many, many Christians are nothing of the kind. Any fool who cares to hate Jews used to use the name Christian now a days, in our time, many of those same haters more often use the term Atheist or Islam instead.

    But, the real Christ followers are following the God of Israel believing that (commonly known as Jesus) is God's own Word (communication) make manifest (refashioned) as a man. By the way, in that case, God's Word is Jewish because if you believe that Jesus is God's own Son, he was born of a Jewess, died a Jew (of Judah, not just a Hebrew, but also a literal "Jew"), and according to Christianity (and Messianic Judaism as well as all the Hebrew Roots congregations) rose from that grave a Jew, bodily. He was even recognised as "King of the Jews" by the Roman soldiers who actually killed him.

  • DS M
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    I❤ISLAM has yet to examine the Muslim religion. If her husband let her leave the house, she might have a better perspective of the world than her father and husband have let her see for her protection. ***Men’s brains are larger... Men incline toward reasoning and rationalism while women basically tend to be emotional. These differences affect the delegation of responsibilities, duties and rights."***

    However, if allowed to properly educated herself, she would be able to see the 24 prophets of Islam that were totally/completely rejected by Muslims according to Muslim historical documents and artifacts. So while the Quran may have been briefly and minimally attempted during the lives of the prophets as this latest Quran says, she has yet to figure out that if she applied the same standard to Islam that she does the other corrupted religion, she would be more than able to prove that Islam is corrupted...with the corruption starting with denial of Muhammad's wives from their inheritance and exploding from there.

    ***I reject Christianity as a continuation of the Jewish faith***

    Why such an anti-Biblical stance?

    As you said, ***Christians have to admit that Jesus was Jewish*** Actually, He was from the tribe of you don't have to do the Hebrew thing.

    I challenge you to support your claim using the Bible as your authority.

    Jesus was not only Jewish but never claimed to be a Christian...wasn't walking on the earth when the words Christian or Islam were used by those claiming to be Christian or Muslim. There are no historical records to say that the Jews who wrote the NT ever started a new religion. Nor has being filled with the spirit of God or fulfilling the Jewish scriptures have ever been used to start a new religion.

    So I am at a loss to see how you could hold this position. As the questioner, you would need to qualify this.


    The Christian Church is not a continuation of Judaism for the Law was fulfilled by Jesus(Ten Commandments)

    This makes zero sense. Judaism ends because the law is law is fulfilled. So Judaism would continue if the law was not fulfilled?

    When God made a covenent with Abraham, did his form of Judaism end when Moses established the law? No, the law was a continuation of the covenent with Abraham.

    So now that the law was fulfilled, why isn't this a continuation too?... as the law of Moses which came after the covenent with Abraham. didn't start a new religion...why would the fulfillment of the law start a new religion since the law came after Abraham?

    Like Abraham, Moses, Elijah and the other prophets, we are under the leadership of the spirit of God.


    As an atheist, you embrace for a fact that you were made without one intelligent thought and that being void of all intelligence is your natural state of being. How is it, exactly, that you because intelligent?

    You can't say, "because there was physical develop there was also intellectual development anymore than you can demonstrate that as a tree grows, it grows more intelligent. And even if you wanted to plug your usb into a tree and "give" the tree intelligence, the tree does not have the capacity to receive it.

  • 9 years ago

    God doesn't have a religion. Religion is a belief in a god/gods. Therefore, God does not have a religion.

    It is believed by some people that all major, modern regions believe in the same God, but take a different approach to it. However, some people are extremely offended by that idea. It's all an opinion.

    Jews and Christians do believe in the same God, but take a different approach to it. Jesus was a Jewish. He prayed in the synagogues, celebrated Jewish holidays, etc. If I remember correctly, the Old Testament is used in both Jewish and Christian religion. The major difference is that Christians believe Jesus was the promised messiah, while Jews disagree.

    Source(s): Theology class
  • 9 years ago

    God (Elohim) has no cultural background - He is the eternal I am (YHWH) - He is the Father Son and Spirit.

    Yeshua the Messiah is God incarnate and was born into Jewish family because the Jewish people are God's chosen people whom He has revealed the Torah to.

    However, God Himself has no ethnicity.

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  • 9 years ago

    God is not Jewish - but they are His chosen people.

    Christians, for the most part, embrace Jesus' Jewish roots. Salvation comes from the Jews! I am a Christian and my family celebrates the Jewish feasts. We love our heritage and you are right that it is a part of the Jewish faith.

    Muslims worship Allah - He is not the God of the Bible - but a made-up god who is not real.

  • Rocky
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    The Jews are of the tribe of Judah--one of the twelve tribes of Israel. It is a people thing--God is spiritual is not of any tribe, race, creed nor religion. Jesus, is the begotten son of God born in flesh to a family who were of the tribe of Judah and are Hebrew and are Jews. Jesus in the flesh was a Jew, raised in the religion of Judaism. By his teachings and rejection of the Priesthood or leaders of Judaism he effectively founded a new path for the people of God to follow---what he truly wanted was for those of Judaism to repent and turn from their wicked ways. So in his life period and his death the era of Judaism as God's way ended and the Christian Church--the era of the Christian Church began. The Christian Church is not a continuation of Judaism for the Law was fulfilled by Jesus(Ten Commandments) but the social laws of Leviticus were not imposed upon the emerging Gentile converts so we are not under the social laws. Those of the Jewish faith had a choice to continue with the social laws or be released or set free of the restrictive nature of those laws which we more of a training nature or civilizing nature and were replaced for Christian a new nature--one that came from within due to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit----Christians are reborn spiritually by their acceptance of Jesus and applying their faith in him. The whole idea of Jesus was to bring a new covenant to man, one that opened access to God direct via Jesus--whereas before man could only go to God through the priest, through festivals, trough sacrifices but not God himself. Christians can approach the throne of God boldly but always in the name of Jesus for it is not we who paid the price of our sins but Jesus alone but through him and in his name God treats us as adopted children.

    sorry but that was a bit more than answering the question. One last comment---No one knows who the Muslims worship--Allah is a word without a body and no power, just a word.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    God himself would not have a religion for there is no one for Him to have faith in and no heaven or hell that he must find a way to reach. He is, however a deity of Jewish origin, so in that respect he could be considered Jewish.

    @Fanofchan: "Allah" is Arabic for "God", just like "God" is English for "God" and "Deus" is Latin for "God". If you don't believe in Allah, then you don't believe in God.

    Source(s): Third-Person perspective from an Athiest.
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Muslims worship the one God alone.

    Jesus (pbuh) is not God and Muslims don't worship him.

    As far as Jesus' ancestry goes, he was indeed Jewish.

    By religion he was Muslim.

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