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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 9 years ago

What is a groomsman to do when he hooks up with a bridesmaid he might want to further pursue?

Harder question than it looks like. I recently was a groomsman at a good friend's wedding and I happened to hook up with a bridesmaid. This was not my intention and actually laughed it off when the groom informed me of the bridesmaids respective romantic statuses. It did not seem like useful information at the time because I was not going to hookup with a bridesmaid of all people because that is really not my style at all and I haven't met any women I've been really interested in a while and thought they had been banished from the Earth or something.

Enter single bridesmaid at post-reception party in private room with assorted younger friends of the bride and groom.

We start talking and I realize, "holy ****, bridesmaid is fun to talk to!" We continue to talk and drink for quite awhile, then we go back to her room, then to her bed.

Long and short of it I'm sort of into her, I would at least like to explore the option, hanging out and such. Not a bad parting in the morning, got her number and talked a bit, but of course it was semi-awkward because it was a first-time meeting hookup (we had not talked until the day of the wedding besides pleasantries at the rehearsal dinner the night before).

The groom knows because I told him and I'm sure the bride does as well because if the bridesmaid didn't say something I'm sure the groom did. I texted her the next day a fairly standard but sincere "had a nice time yesterday" and "great meeting you" and she sent a response that indicated she had a good time with me "after the reception" (double meaning if there ever was one) and she hopes to meet again soon (again fairly standard stuff). The point is I need third-party perspective on this **** because I did not prepare for this (I REALLY did not think this was going to happen) and now that I'm interested I don't know how to pursue it or the insane social cavets that I haven't even considered yet. Any (useful) advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • justin
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    9 years ago
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    Just go with the flow and don't overthink this anymore than you already have. Now that the wedding is over you are you and she is she lol. That sounds weird. Just two regular people who met at a wedding and hit it off. Next step though, a simple date. Lunch, coffee, something of that nature to get to know each other better. You will be fine. Good luck!! Hope it all works out

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