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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 9 years ago

First Date, or First Hangout!? FUuUU?

hi , my name is Kota, and I am a university student in Japan!. I have dating experience, but this one is a little bit confusing... Their is this korean girl who is fluent in japanese and english, and 3 weeks before the semester ends, after class she came up from behind just as i was about to go to the bathroom, and says "hey can we exchange contact info., i though we could be friends". I said yes.

Since then, we have exchanged text, and that same week, i walkd her home in the rain , and we talked, and it was good.

Then on Sunday, she said she wanted to go to a bookstore near my home, which is kind of far from the university(where she lives). I said yea! and we went and walked all over the city(Osaka btw). It was fun, and she laughs alot and told me stuff like "hey that would look good on you !" etc. We even ate dinner together which lasted 2 hours, and she ordered wine and took a sip then offered me some from the same glass. Talked about our futures, what we like, funny stuff, laughed alot. And she said hey lets go to the movies or go somewhere again! (Trips as in day-trips to kyoto, Nara, ) And tomorrow we are going to the movies together... lol.

So heres my question, is this how a girl in the so called "freind zone" would typically act? I mean, we only talked a couple of times before she asked for my number, and this is the first "hangout" weve ever done. She was dressed up nice and everything. What your take? I dont miind it going either way, just thought it was interesting. Thanks! Not sure about Korean culture either.. hmm.


Also, the whole "outing lasted from 1:30pm to 11:00. lol. It was super long. but went by in a flash. The only thing thats throwing me off, is how she approached me to aske my number. IF she didnt say, " ... thought we could be friends", their would be no doubt in my mind it was a date.

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    Friend zone is when they only view you as a brother/sister kind of way. I talk about my future with friends all the time even new ones, just so I can get to know them. I think she may be interested because usually girls don't ask for a guy's number, it's the other way around, haha xD

    Just get to know her for 2 months and see if you can keep up the conversations without too much work. If you can, that shows that you two could be in a good relationship if you both wanted to. As long as she doesn't reply in one word answers while texting like "Okay" "cool" "fine", ect then you're good. Can't help you with the Korean culture, I'm Vietnamese xD

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    Normally I would tell a guy in your position to think things through and to take time to determine whether or not she sees you in that way (ie reading her body language, making moves like putting her your arm around her etc) but it pretty much sounds like she's into you. If you're attracted to her and you can geniunely feel like there's chemistry between you too I would suggest just waiting for the right moment and leaning in to kiss her. It sounds like she's just waiting for you to make the first move (as most girls do)

    Good luck man

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    4 years ago

    don't be frightened, it will mess issues up later on. basically positioned on some thing casual and respectable, like denims and a staggering shirt or shirt. or basically positioned on an any-day outfit, as long as that isn't any longer over-achieved or ripped/torn.

  • 9 years ago

    You are definitely not friend-zoned until she mentions a boyfriend. Otherwise, it's safe to say that you have a potential girlfriend in your hands.

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