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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsMarriage & Divorce · 9 years ago

Has your husband or significant other ever said hurtful things about your family to you?

The other day my hubby kinda bashed my sister and dad and he has done this is the past. My family is actually pretty aware that he does not really think highly of them because he really doesn't try and hide it. It really bothers me. My family pretty much avoids him unless its a holiday. My sister wont even come over to visit when my hubby is home. I have talked to him about it but he denies the fact that he does not like them. I never talk poorly about his family because even though they do many things that bother me I know he loves them so I keep my mouth shut. Is it normal for husband (boyfriends or fiances) to be this insensitive or am I married to a jerk?

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  • smiley
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    9 years ago
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    I tell my husband nothing about my family that he can use against them so just keep you mouth shut about anything he can use against them. I think most men/women throw things that each other when their mad. So, the best thing to do is say nothing about your family to him again! Good luck

    Oh yea and he is a jerk ...sorry

  • 9 years ago

    It is never a good thing in a marriage, when a husband or wife dislikes and verbally 'bashes" one or the other's family/members aloud. There is no reason not to have some discretion and if they really don't want to be around them? It's up to you to recognize this and LIMIT the interaction as much as possible. For seriously, why "pour salt into wounds" when there are negative feelings existing? It sounds like he only loves you and possible your mother!

    Are there concrete reasons here? Hurt feelings? -Or are these people just tacky and/or he has nothing in common with them? Yes. It DOES matter. That aside?

    When you say he doesn't "hide" it, are you referring to his bashing to YOU ABOUT THEM? -Or in front of them? Yes. Once again? It matters in how you handle all...


  • 9 years ago

    I've been with my guy for 10 years, I would never bash his family and I always maintain a good relationship with them. It would be awkward during family functions if there were tension. If your family actively avoid him then there's no point in him denying it. The only thing you can do is talk about it and get it in the open. Don't let him keep denying it.

  • 9 years ago

    It isn't normal to be so insensitive. Even if it were, it shouldn't be. Your husband needs to shut his mouth and keep his opinions to himself. You need to explain to him that his comments are inappropriate, that that is your family, and that his behavior is no longer acceptable if he wants to have a healthy relationship with you. Stand your ground. He doesn't have to like them, he just has to keep his opinions to himself.

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