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Can you tell what say this video (is a short video)(He talk in english)?


Can u tell me what he say in this video (I am from Chile and I cant understand what he say :/ )

since 0:45 to 0:58

since 1:05 to 1:12

since 1:22 to 1:27

since 2:31 to 2:41



thanks for help me :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    I don't think it's your limited English causing the problem. The live sound on this video is terrible. I'm a native English speaker but I'm from the US, so maybe a British person can understand Conor better.'s what I got.

    I didn't get the very first words but he says:

    This is Conor Maynard. Just finished the first day of shooting the video for Vegas Girl in the beautiful location of New York. Yeah, that makes sense. Vegas Girl in New York.

    It's weird because they're playing the song in this earpiece here. I can hear it when it rings.

    One other thing. I want to tell you about my song.

    If I really come close, can you see?

    We're in New York.

    That's a wrap. (then something unintellligble)

    (something else unintelligble) The beautiful city of Manhattan, we've been to Brooklyn, all I'm saying is we finished like crazy (unintelligble) It's been amazing.

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