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I listen to people talk about how bad unions are but have you noticed that the decline in the middle class?

corresponds with the decline in membership of unions?


Odin--if you have any links to support these claims please sent them to me. But I have heard this back in the sixties when I was a Union Steward, we had members and non-members.

Update 2:

Odin--if you have any links to support these claims please sent them to me. But I have heard this back in the sixties when I was a Union Steward, we had members and non-members.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Pretty much, plus the decline of government regulation and the reduction of tariffs.

    Source(s): Pragmatic Brit
  • 9 years ago

    The problem has been many-fold with unions.

    1. Members get no voice or power over what politics is supported by their union.

    2. People are often not allowed the choice of not being in a union, and that is actually a form of tyranny.

    3. While there is need to make sure employee's get fair pay, in the last 2 decades, they have total lost touch of reality. More interested in raising wages, even though the company is going of business. Unions should be about mutual fairness, fair wages, great work produced, but not at the cost of the destruction of the company.

    4. The other part of the destruction of the middle class also has to do with the decline of the small business owner. Walmart, Target, and corporations like those that bring great products at lower prices have destroyed the small businesses that used to exist. However this also means that once they have you hooked, they start slacking in terms of good service and good products.

    5. Pay should always be associated with merit, if it isn't, then there is no true fairness. Let's say for example you have 50 plumbers. Let's say 1/3 are average, 1/3 are below average, 1/3 are above average. Should all 50 get paid the same wages?

    6. Seniority and tenure are not good signs of quality of work. There should be different scales of pay for new vs veteran workers, however they should still be held to the same standards and rules that any level of experience employee has to.

    7. Unions are mostly run by corrupt organizations, more interested in more power more money than actually solving real problems.

  • layhew
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Conservatives are all procedures incorrect and not in any respect admit it. the middle type became enlarged by potential of the reforms enacted by potential of T. Roosevelt in the early 1900's by potential of breaking apart the super trusts. Later for the duration of the melancholy unions won prominence by potential of struggling with for workers rights and won greater desirable pay, 8 hour artwork day, and 5 day artwork week. Conservatives are paranoid approximately any interest that is group interest because of the fact they think of that is socialism. of path their very own group think of is okay for the reason that is them even however they are the main deadly.

  • The rise in global temperatures corresponds with the decrease in pirates as well.

    If you don't demonstrate a causual relationship a random correlation is meaningless. Google Post hoc ergo propter hoc, and learn some logic AND Latin!

  • 9 years ago

    The unions share responsibility for the exodus of manufacturing jobs to other countries, due to their bargaining rendering domestic manufactured products too expensive to compete with foreign imports. That was responsible for part of the decline in the middle class.

  • Tigger
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Unions were wonderful in their day, before safety and good wages.

    They are still good because one is paying my husband retirement. If he had not been able to retire early he probably would have died on the job...

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