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Anonymous asked in Social SciencePsychology · 9 years ago

Please help, i feel so lost?

So its summer and everythings supposed to be great right? For me it's not. I dont know who i am. I lost my best friend, I am mad at my family, and every time i find myself flat on my face like this i go back to drinking or smoking. I am just scared. I wish i knew one thing, but I dont know ANYTHING for sure. I just think, and being stuck in my thoughts drives me crazy. I like to be alone, but not if my thoughts take me down this road. I probably sound so stupid, maybe i am stupid. But someone please just tell me that they feel the same way. I am a very shy person, so i don't have many friends. Recently i found out why i was so shy, and that was because as a kid i never talked to anyone but my family because of something called selective mutism, it is an anxiety disorder when the person is unable to speak in circumstances where they dont feel safe, which is basically every time they are around someone who they aren't comfortable with. I never knew there was a name for this, i just thought i happened to be really shy. Now i am a teenager and i am not as shy anymore, but i still dont know who i really am, my parents dont care how i feel, as long as i am staying out of trouble. the only person who cared was my best friend, and now she doesnt want to be my friend anymore because my parents hate her. There is no more i can do, i am exhausted. I have never cut myself, i have never wanted to harm myself or anyone else, but i keep getting hurt. and i refuse to see a doctor or counselor of any kind, just because of my personal beliefs. Please just give me reassurance because i know its not the end of the world and when i think of all the people starving out there, i know i shouldnt be upset. But still, i cant help but feel a chunck that is missing from me. I do believe in God, he helped me through my lifetime of anxiety problems, but praying sometimes just doesnt give me the answers i am looking for. Even if you tell me to stop being a crybaby, thank you for your answer, i just need something.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    You are not alone. I too was challenged socially. In fact, I had many challenges. It's good that you are recognizing your "traits," and are asking questions. Becoming part of a group of some kind may help you. I'm sure there are things you like to do, and that there are others out there who have similar interests. Get involved with the right people, good people. Put yourself out there, and eventually you'll find someone who you can spend time with and talk about life with. You need activities to be a part of so you don't get stuck inside your head. And from those activities with other people, you might find a new friend or maybe even two. I myself am currently trying to find activities to be a part of, and am trying to make friends. You have a skill, which is being shy, yes. But you can learn a new skill, which is the opposite of being shy, and make friends. It takes time and effort to get outside your box, but it's worth it. You say you believe in God. Maybe there is a youth group you could join that accepts your faith. Maybe you could develop a record of volunteering in your community. That looks good on a resume as well as a college application. While volunteering, you might be able to find someone with similar interests and make a friend. I read your writing pretty closely. I know you're not going to give up. You are a really kind, caring, and good person, and you have a lot to offer, so keep those things in mind as you go out into the world. LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE. You are on a mission, a mission to be friendly. Smile, that's a pretty nice mission to be on! Journal and pray about your mission. Reading a book about overcoming shyness might also help. "Be the change you hope to see," said Dr. Martin Luther King. Someone once told me that it takes twenty days to change a habit. Well, make this day one. And don't look back.

    I'm rooting for you, and I'm pretty sure that anyone who reads your question is rooting for you too.

  • Naguru
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Yes. As you say in the end, something is better than nothing.

    What did you bring with you, which you have lost?

    What did you produce, which has been destroyed?

    You did not bring anything when you were born.

    The status eventually returns to its original value after completing some sort of cycle.

    A person's actions, whether good or bad, will often have consequences for that person. Every action has its reaction.

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  • 9 years ago

    Just hang in there. We love you and support you at yahoo answers. You know most of us are here to help. Just take it one day at a time. And also. Try to stay away from the smoking and drinking. I know you are better than that. That just covers up what you are feeling and when you come down the problem is still there.

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