what are the names of all the kids in your family?

My name is Charlotte Isabelle but I go by Charlie. I have a twin brother named Liam Alexander.

I have a younger brother named Henry Jackson and a little sister named Pippa Sophia. I also have twin little baby sisters named Brooklyn Nicole who we call Brooke and Leila Grace.


Liliana christine

kyle raymond

sydney elizabeth

luca james

mason elijah

quintin christopher

mitchell patrick

lynsee nevaeh

grayson matthew

carly anne

parker jackson

cole mortin

spencer sheianne

daniela taylor

elle karissa

malena jessica

kennedy jane

jaxxon marcus

hazel lucille

dylan james

haley penelope

rosalina maria

elissa elizabeth

josaphina lillian

elayna marie

jordan lucas

zane ian

griffin hilton

chloe alexandria

janna paige

jacob stephen

grady austin

what abotu you?

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  • Stacey
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    9 years ago
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    Me - Stacey Marie

    Sister - Ali Michelle

    Cousins (brace yourself there are a lot), Siblings grouped together, some live far away and I don't know them well enough to know their middle names.

    Steven Michael "Steve"

    Scott William

    Michael Steven (always called Michael, no nickname)

    Lacey Ann

    Kristina Jane "Kristi"

    Emily Kate

    Kimberly Sue "Kim"

    Deana Marie (prn. dee-ann-nuh)

    Kayla Sue

    Alyssa Marie

    Madeline Shay "Madie"

    Kadence Marie

    Makenna (honsetly don't know her middle name)

    Amber Rose

    Angela Renee

    Eli Kent

    Heather Dianne

    Addyson Elise "Addy"

    Ariella Mae "Ella"

    Brittany (don't know middle name)

    Bryanna Marie

    Jordyn Kaye

    George (don't know middle name)

    Emily Ann

    Andrew Bryant "Drew"

    Kyle (not sure on middle name but I think it is Wesley)

    Peyton Elizabeth

    Knox Wesley

    Hannah Ruthann

    Lizabeth "Libby" (don't know middle name, no E)

    Kayla Nicole

    Kenley Aidan (Ken from his grandfather Kenneth and Ley from mom's maiden name Oakley)

    Margie Sue

    Ernest Albert "Ernie"

    Brenda (don't know middle name)

    Rita Gail "Gail"

    Lisa (don't know middle name)



    (don't know middle names)

    Thomas "Tom"



    (don't know middle names)

    David Bryant

    Jerald Wesley "Jerry"

    Stephen Aitken

  • 9 years ago

    I have an older brother called Nelson and a younger brother called Tristan.


    Victoria Cathleen

    Ethan Joseph

    Giovanna Marie

    Anthony Christopher

    Jake Thomas

    Layla Michelle

    David Alonzo

    Douglas Warren

    Mellisa Marie

    Corey Austin

    Shannon Marie

    Justin Garret

    Emma Grace

  • 9 years ago

    Me: Jessica Lynn

    Siblings: David Abinadi & Brigham Lorenzo (twins), Adam Moroni, Laura Jane, James Abram, Benjamin Dow, Ethan Ezra, Thomas Spencer

    Cousins: Jeremy & Trinity (twins)

    Tucker Randall, Dillon Zachary, Autumn Ferne, Ivy Brooke, Chandler Robert, Soldier Atwater

    Kyrie, Bethany, Darren, Jennette, Alora, Amelia, Sharlee

    Andrew Tucker, Clark, Asher, Constance

    Christine Margaret, Gwynette Elaine, Maeghan Lucille, Adam Donith, Alvin Duncan, Andrew Vernon, Archer David, Mildred

    Kathrine, Alice, Felicity, Everett, Caleb, Elenore, Chantal, Abigail

    Seth, Genevieve, Peter, Nelson, Elizabeth, Martha, Nathaniel

    Daniel, Hannah, Ivan, Milton, Clarissa

    Miley, Lacey

    Emily, Esther, William, Rachel

    Abel Antonio, Naomi, Genesis

    Joseph, Ephraim, Sophie

    Cryshal, Shem, Gwendolyn

    Hyrum, Payton, Alec, Naomi, Eli

    Abram, Zachary, Logan, Daisy

    Nathan, Molly

    Lincoln, Mercedes

    I have a lot of cousins, haha.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Me: Rachel Anne

    Sister: Megan Elizabeth

    Brother: Sean Michael

    Brother: Connor Harrison

    Brother in law: Ryan Myers

    Niece: Elizabeth 'Ellie' Mae


    Chelsea, Nathan, Jordan, Jarvis, Allison (alli), Alylaura (aly), Ian, Braden, Ryan, Tyler, Spencer, Ryan, Dustin, Joshua (josh), Landon, Joshua (josh), Amber, Zachary (zach), Brody, Holly, Amy, Lindsey, Emily, Alyssa

    Cousins' Kids:

    Courtney, Caylee, Cambri, Crew, Natalie, Noah, Noah, Max, Hudson, Sadie, Mason, Gabrielle (gabbi), Max, Morgan, Haiden, Brooklyn, Lacia (lulu), Jackson (jack), Andrea (andie), Jane, Gary, Brynn, Benjamin (ben), Brighton, Ryder, Leighton, Ivan, Elaina

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  • 9 years ago

    Emilie Augusta

    Annemarie Rebecca

    Sarah Nell

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Halena rose

    Hannah Elizabeth

    Ambriela Marie Pronounced am bre Ella

  • This is just my cousins on my mums side:

    Lydia Charlotte

    Abigail Frances

    Isabel Rose

    Christopher Lawrence

    Lois Jennifer

  • 9 years ago

    You have a really big family lol

    My name is Cassandra rebecca I have a younger brother Christopher Samuel and I had a sister named chelsea Evelyn

    My cousins:





    That's it I have 4 cousins

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Aiyana (pronounced I-awn-a)





  • 9 years ago

    I have a younger brother and two younger sisters

    Sonora Marie (me) (Sun-or-uh)

    Edan Edward (Brother)

    Anika Rose (sister) (Ann-ick-uh)

    Trinity Iris (sister)

    I don't know all of my cousins middle names but...






    Alexandra Nicole



    Melonia "Loni"




  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'm Erin Olivia Charlotte 'Erin'

    Brother is Benjamin Conor 'Ben'

    Sister is Madeleine Melissa Grace 'Maddy'

    My cousins are

    Zoe 'Zoe'

    Emilia 'Emilia

    Joseph 'Joseph'

    Sophie 'Sophie'

    (They don't have middle names)

    Charlotte Elizabeth 'Lottie'

    Archibald Allan 'Archie'

    Isabella Emily 'Bella'

    Thomas William 'Thomas'

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