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do add-ons or plugins cause you viruses?

I have firefox and i want to create an add-on to set my background but the web warns and says "do you trust the site, maliciuos software can damaged your computer?" i dont know what they are talking about.

What are plugins and what do i do with them?

I has issues with plugins crashes and it slow my computer.what do i need to know about these things and what should i do if a plugin crashes?

what happens if i enable or disable a plugin? what will happen?


I m not sure what add-ons are , so what do they do? what are they useful for?

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    If the add-ons are from Firefox they are safe. They are also checked for viruses anyway as they are being installed.

    But if you are downloading 3rd party add-ons , you should download them through the Firefox browser, because Firefox (unless you disabled it) automatically scans for viruses.

    For 3rd party add-ons, You can download them to the Downloads folder (or a Newly made folder) & double check with a virus scan from your own Anti-virus software before opening & installing.

    You may want to go into system restore and set a restore point before attempting an install to give you added security.

    It takes but a minute to create a possible recovery point, from headaches caused by an uncertain install.

    in Start , type " System Restore " hit enter.

    Create restore point. Very easy.

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    That is just a default warning. It's a reminder to be careful about what you've downloaded. You know, kinda like a mother repeatedly telling her children to look both ways before crossing a street.

    If you know the software you downloaded isn't bad then you can click through the message and start installing the program.

    Plugins add functionality to a program. Flash is a plugin that lets you view and interact with Flash movies and games embedded in a web page. If you disabled the Flash plugin then you couldn't use YouTube's Flash video player or play any Flash games.

    - Dominic

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