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asul asked in Arts & HumanitiesPhilosophy · 9 years ago

What can be achieved by doing nothing? just being still...?


Wise words you have, Shih Tzu... Thank you... :)

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    9 years ago
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    This is a fantastic question if we take it seriously enough!!

    I think far more can be achieved by doing nothing than by doing anything in particular. Doing nothing is not very different from doing everything (not literally of course, but sort of mentally)...... it can give us the broader picture of life and most of the key turning points in our lives do take place after such a stint by us, whether knowingly or subconsciously.

    Even a higher order of doing nothing is not to even let our thoughts wander about... this is the top stair of "Meditation" which is known to have produced even the Highest Reward that we can ever imagine, namely, Enlightenment as conceptualized in Buddhism or even "Samadhi" (the ancient Hindu concept of moving out of the physical body to merge with the Supreme Soul)...... in fact, Meditation even of a lower order does produce peace of mind, clarity of thought, refurbishment of enthusiasm, a balanced approach to life so much so that in the modern times of stress and strife, even 'physicians' have begun to prescribe 'meditation' as the treatment for various physical ailments!!

    Well, that really means a lot, but the trouble is that it is not at all easy for us to do nothing for any continuously sustained period of time in a life and universe that is so compulsively dynamic!!

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    ...or well, yes, something can be achieved... we can remain as we are right now... if it's a difficult situation that needs action -and LIFE itself needs action, by definition-, we would accomplish only our own end...

    Life means action. Observe animals, plants, Nature. All is moving. All is constantly moving. If you stop, you die... And there's no point in dying, is there, Asul? :-)

    Being still is only useful when you don't want to be seen... when there's a predator around... philosophically speaking, of course... or literally... But when that predator gets away, or when you have a better option, then you must keep moving... BEING... LIVING... :-)

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    DOING nothing is not BEING still...

    Doing nothing will get you nowhere.

    Being still, in its true mystic sense, will get you to the farthest reaches of the Universe and the deepest regions of your heart, of your soul, of God's very being.

    As Just Be quoted above, "Be still and KNOW I am God"! or in the original, "Harpu u'de'u anokhi Elohim" (Tehillim 46:10) ("Psalm" 46:10)

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    That is mentally impossible to achieve, considering that paraplegic people would rather gaze upon death than stay as they are. As Aristotle once said "the mind and the body are tightly united and if one these to elements is eliminated, the other one soon starts to die as well".

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    I think, Just, Some Moments of Life Time will Pass to Die, without Die able Actions.

  • Jacob
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    9 years ago


    Hard work may pay off in the future but laziness pays of now.

    Remember that kiddies.

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    Asul, sometimes we have to be still. We need time to 'listen'. There have been many times in my life that God 'sat me down'. You see, I am very energetic person and I run around doing, doing, doing. The problem with this is I don't take the proper amount of time to reflect. Sometimes we can do nothing more than be still. I have learned my greatest lessons in life during these times. If this is such a time for you, please don't fight it. Sit, be still, and listen.

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    Sometimes, often, less is more. Being still offers chances to reflect upon ourselves and our potential actions. Perhaps we would have less to regret by witholding some of our actions.

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    there is no one in the world that do nothing

    there is always something or some one on every bodies mind

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