How can I download Steam games to an external hard drive?

So I have a mac that has bootcamp installed on it so I can run windows on it. I download Dead Island on my mac forgetting that I can't play it on mac (stupid me). I then went to download it on the PC side, and I'm 3000 megabytes short. Dead Island requires 7000 and I only have roughly 4000.

The only idea I can come up with is if I download it onto an external hard drive and play it from there. How do I change the download location of my steam game to my external hard drive? Thanks!

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  • 8 years ago
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    This is an Excerpt from the steam forum above :

    From: tibetanpunk :


    Originally Posted by Heavy_Z View Post

    You have to reinstall steam on the new drive. Steam will automatically install the games you download in the steam directory. If you do not want to loose your current downloads when you reinstall then you should make a backup of your SteamApps folder inside of your Steam installation. Then copy this backup into your new Steam install.

    REPLY from : tibetanpunk

    You do NOT have to re-install Steam.

    All you have to do is copy your entire Steam directory to the external drive and re-create your desktop shortcut from the new drive...that's it.

    You basically never have to re-install Steam, or any of your games, if you have them on an external or secondary drive like this.

    I hope you did not follow this person's advice and re-install Steam, meaning you have to download all your games again for no reason....

    FROM: thisismyelement :

    How do I do that ?

    FROM: thisismyelement : never-mind it worked, thanks a ton

  • 8 years ago

    you would have to uninstall steam then reinstall onto a different directory.

    you can re-download all of your steam games, but you will lose any progress.


    you can just delete content for games you don't play. you can re-download those games later and not lose your progress.

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