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Pittsburgh Pirates 2012 season?

This year, do you think the Pittsburgh Pirates are contenders or pretenders? If you think contenders how far will they go in the playoffs?

Also who do you think the best Pirates player is, this year?

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  • Nick
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    8 years ago
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    I think the Pirates will be contenders, but I don't think we'll make the playoffs. I think we'll win maybe 85, which I'd be very happy with considering we've lost 90+ games 6 years in a row. When I look at this team I just don't see them in the playoffs. The hitting is too inconsistent and we lack pitching depth (but that is somewhat irrelevant because we have a few good pitchers in AAA). Unless Neal Huntington makes a big acquisition, I feel like the Pirates will fall just short of the postseason.

    The best Pirates player is by far Andrew McCutchen. He's been the best hitter in baseball this year.

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  • 8 years ago

    I think that the Pittsburgh Pirates are legitimate contenders. They have all the pieces in place. They have some unbelievable pitching, with AJ Burnett and James McDonald, who are both seriously considered for the Cy Young award. That is a great one-two combination, enough to get them close in their division race, but they have a lights out closer in Joel Hanrahan, an All-Star with 24 saves, which is in the top five in the MLB. In addition, they have some great hitting. Andrew McCutchen is the National League MVP, hands down, in my opinion, and he's going to carry this team deep. Pedro Alvarez is a big bat in the middle of the lineup with 17 home runs. That seems like enough to get them to the playoffs. They are also playing in one of the closest divisions in baseball, with the Cardinals and Reds all fighting for the spot at the top of the division. And, against all odds, the Pirates are sitting in that spot. In the playoffs, I believe the Pirates will lose the division series in four games, for they just don't have any experience. They will be back soon, however!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


    Well, in my opinion, they're a darkhorse, so they're contenders. They've played well against teams that are division leaders in the National League like the Reds. They;ve played well against the Giants and Mets, although they have losing records against both of those teams, they were still close of winning. I think right now, you have to consider this team a "contender" because they have one of the best team pitching ERA in the league led by James McDonald and A.J Burnett, who is having a terrific year.

    But their offense is kind of holding them back although McCutchen is having an MVP-type year, leading the NL in batting average and ranking second in the NL in home runs. But they have a talented young offense but they just need to put it together and they are considering getting another hitter by the trading deadline.

    I might be crazy but I think they're contenders. Baseball is very unpredictable. Their pitching could shut down teams and have a lot of low scoring games. Well, just my opinion.

    How far will they go? Well, this is a hard one but I have to say they'll lose in the NLDS. They need more experience.

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  • 8 years ago

    I think they are pretenders , Reds and Cards are going to be playing too hard. Give it about 2-4 years and Pirates will be a solid sufficient experienced team .

    Best Pirates player is by far Andrew Mccutchen

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  • 8 years ago

    They are contenders.

    Depending on who makes it for the NL (and I think it will be the Nats, Giants, Mets, Reds), I think they could make it to the NLCS. I think their stiffest competition is the Nats. Giants, Reds could give them trouble, but their pitching has stepped up and Andrew McCutchen is this years NL MVP.

    I wouldn't rule the World Series out, but the Nationals, if Strasburg pitches in the playoffs, are my favorites.

    Their best player is by far Andrew McCutchen.

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  • 8 years ago

    I'm still kinda of skeptical concerning the Pirates. I think they are pretenders and will finish behind

    the Reds and the Cards this season, out of the playoff picture. Andrew McCutcheon is Pittsbugh's

    best player.

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  • AGM
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    8 years ago

    Contenders because they havent winning record since 1992 but they'll survived in the playoffs until NLDS or NLCS


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  • 3 years ago

    i imagine they have some good gamers on their roster (Andrew McCutchen, Garrett Jones, Pedro Alvarez, Ryan Doumit, Lastings Milledge). even if, they favor extra, extra positive gamers as a way to compete. Their pitching desires to get extra positive and they merely merely favor to play extra positive baseball. they're going to favor to have some good drafts and spend slightly extra (and in no way commerce any such massive volume of of their good gamers) to container a extra positive crew. i imagine they are nevertheless a good few years off... possibly 2015?

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