In the August, 27th 2012 Theocratic Ministry School for Jehovah's Witnesses, Why 607 BCE?

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Why do Jehovah's Witnesses still use the improper 607 BCE date for the destruction of Jerusalem, win the date has been established by scholars as 587 BCE?. Even scholars, whom more
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Well, if they acknowledged Jerusalem was destroyed in 587 B.C.E. (20 years after 607 B.C.E.) then they would have to admit they got 1914 wrong. Instead of saying Jesus took up his heavenly throne and started ruling from heaven in 1914, they would have to change the date to 1934. And that would make them look extremely foolish, as well as being extremely wrong.

Perhaps that's why they continue to insist that Jerusalem was destroyed in 607 B.C.E. - to fit in with their calculations that Jesus threw Satan out of heaven in 1914. Their entire religion is based on what they claim happened in 1914. Take away 1914 and the entire edifice would start to crumble, spiritually speaking.
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  • St Thecla answered 2 years ago
    Save face otherwise they have to print tons of materials explaining the darn profitcies; thereby their acts could be exposed. So, unity for false info forever, is their battle cry!!
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  • wren answered 2 years ago
    Like most cults they build their theology around their theories and juggle it to fit,

    I, too have seen copies of letters sent to Watchtower HQ, from esteemed Bible scholars whose names have been used WITHOUT PERMISSION, but quoted as if permission has been granted, for they have no fear of the Lord...
    ...........and why do they still use this date ?

    Because it suits them to do so..when you believe that your actions will never be held accountable, you live accordingly... and it shows in all you do and God has said that no liars will inherit the Kingdom of take note JW's...God is watching you.


    Walter Martin...Kingdom of the Cults..
    The Holy Bible...unabridged and in it's original intent
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