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Hunter-jumper riders: Half seat?

I am supposed to be a Hunter... and have a Hunter horse. But the thing is, I ride more like a jumper than anything else. And I have always ridden deep and in the saddle going around courses. Well, now since Im going back to doing flat classes since Im going to start competing frequently and Im in a new place (moved states) I am starting to be taught on how to do a "Half seat" (How hunters ride the course getting off the horse's back. It is called half seat but I guess it also has different names? Anyway. Heres a video of a half seat if you call it something else.. so you know what Im talking about..

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But. Yeah. So, Im just getting taught that and..

I suck at it.

I can't do it! II just had another lesson today with sa different instructor (My usual one was going t teach but then someone fell off a horse and she had an assistant teach instead because she wanted to take care of the person who fell off) And she explained it better for me.... and she said it is just a two-point, except you take away your hands. And once I did that, she said I was doing my half-seat... this true? And is there a better way of explaining it? And.. did you have a hard time learning your half seat?


Um no thats not what Im talking about Alexis..... I mean.. I don't really think I get what your saying?Im talking about doing a half seat at a canter... getting off the horse's back. Sort of like posting. Im not talking about the actual 2 point if thats what you meant

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    You are confusing the termnology is all. Half-seat and two-point ARE the same thing. If your instructors are telling you otherwise then THEY are confused. The riders hands have nothing to do with two-point/half-seat. You can ride in two-point/half-seat with normal rein contact on the flat, or over jumps you can be in two-point/half-seat with your hands on the horse's neck in a long or short crest release, or you can ride over jumps with your hands not on the horse's neck in an automatic release (which most instructors don't even teach anymore but they should).

    So if you are having trouble with maintaining that position, regardless of what you want to call it :) jot down the specific trouble you are having (falling back in the saddle, falling forward on the horse's neck, etc.) and I can help with that, but it sounds as though you were just confused twith the terms.

    P.S. all hunter or jumper riders should own a copy of Hunter Seat Equitation by George Morris. It will answer all your questions about this style of riding. Put it on your Christmas/birthday list!

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    The vid shows someone riding in a forward seat, where they've lifted their seat off the tack but kept nearly all leg contact from thigh on down, in tact. Hence, 2 point.

    If you can't do this, I wonder how it is you're able to jump.

    Get off your horse's back as you canter. First by simply lifting your butt cheeks only. Turn your toes out to keep full contact against the back quarter of your calves. As you get the idea, stand in your stirrups a bit, disconnecting your crotch from the saddle now, too.

    It takes practice. Don't come here after 2 rides and complain that you 'don't get it'. People take one attempt at something new and get frustrated because it's hard. These things take months of time to practice and perfect. Not to mention, develop the strength for....

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    You need to practice. It's hard, it takes a lot of muscle control. I don't know how old you are, but I'm guessing teenage. That's old enough to join a gym or workout at home. You need to increase your core strength. When you're riding you're supporting the horse's frame, and if you can't even support yourself, there's no way you can get the horse where it needs to be. Ride without stirrups as often as you can handle it, find exercises online to increase core strength and leg strength. You'll be gripping with your thighs a lot (think posting w/o stirrups).

    Practice, practice, practice. You didn't learn your original position overnight, you won't learn this overnight either.

    But the instructor is correct, half seat is the preferred seat for all hunter classes. The only time you'll truly sit while jumping a course is if you need to sit back to balance your horse/distance to a jump, and only for a few strides.

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    I try to ride in a half seat/2 point as much as possible when i jump. I compete at the lower grades, doing eventing, jumping, pony club ect, and am still working out what I am wanting to really do. My instructor makes me ride off my horses back because otherwise i sit to deep and he cant travel enough to the fence. I actually find it easier once you get the hang of it.

    Though in saying that as i face a jump i bring my shoulders back, so i am in a position like 3 point but still not sitting heavy in the saddle, 2 point over the jump, and landing in 2 point to allow both my horse and me regain our balance.

    I found that once i started riding out of the saddle for jumping it did become easier, and i found a major improvement in my horse. So keep trying, with riding most of the positions arent natural especially if you havent been practicing it for a while.

    Good Luck, im not sure if i answered the question...just keep at it and it will become second nature

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    Half seat & 2 point are the same. Since your having trouble with it, start practicing that position at the trot. Heels down & good luck.

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    i am tired so i may be talking about a totally different thing. but a 2 point is also a half seat. basically what my instructor tell me to do is shoulders back , heals down, and squat really far down but not in the saddle

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    I really like how this lady describes it and shows you.

    Youtube thumbnail

    She has a part 2 as well that has some great exercises.

    BTW fast forward to like 2:00

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