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Is this Alcohol Withdraw! Please Help Me?

I am very nervous here. I am 23 year old male, 180lbs 6'2 healthy. I have been diagnosed with essential tremors when I was 10, and those do get worse when I drink a lot the night before. I have a bad drinking habit that I truly plan to stop now that I just got out of college. I usually drink about every day, and drink anywhere between 2 to 8 beer when I do drink. There are times though that I do not drink for a week if there is something going on that I need to do.

Here is what happened, my friends bachelor party was 4 days ago in New Orleans, and we have been drinking a lot for the past 3 days. Before I did this I did a week off from drinking, and then headed to this bachelor party. Today/Tonight I felt kind of off, I started to sweat and then get cold, I just didn't feel right. Now tonight when I was trying to go to sleep my body was randomly twitching random muscles, and I had tremendous horrible anxiety right before I was about to fall asleep and a feeling which I will try to describe as an electric shock, or that weird feeling you get right before you get into an accident spurred over me and I woke up in fear, it was like a horrible feeling coming over me all of a sudden and I have to come back wide awake. Now I am just in a pure state of panic, I'm terrified, and I have no health insurance, so going to the hospital if I don't have to would be nice. I am really nervous to go to sleep because from what I've been reading what if I have a seizure? Should I go to sleep? Please help me out, I would appreciate any words or advice!

Symptoms right now: Sweaty, Cold, nausea, severe anxiety, the sleep issues I tried to explain, blood pressure is 135/76 with 60 pluse

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    IT does sound like alcohol withdrawals... and yes if you quit drinking cold turkey it can cause seizures... however this is more common in heavy alcoholics, the kind that drink all day every day, work or no work. If your hands shake when your sober and only stop shaking when your drinking its a sign of addiction. Maybe drink a small glass of wine and go to bed you should be fine.. if its really scaring you you should probably go to a walk in clinic or call a health hotline to talk to a registered nurse.

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